Hatton Backs Burnett to be Ireland’s next big boxing star

By Jonny Stapleton

RICKY Hatton claims former amateur stand out Ryan Burnett will the next big name in Irish boxing.

The former World Champion and Hatton Promotions boss signed Belfast’s World Youth Olympic games gold medallist to a three year contract earlier this month and is confident he can bring Burnett to the top.

The two weight champion claims the 19 year old has the talent and attitude to eventually join the list of Irish greats and to compete at world level.

Hatton isn’t just speaking from a promoters vantage point, however, Manchester’s favourite boxing son is also training the former Holy Family ABC fighter and has been impressed with what he has seen in the ring.

“I am delighted and proud to be associated with Ryan. I have really like what I have seen of him so far. Ireland has had a lot of champions over the years. You had Barry McGuigan and now Carl Frampton is doing well, to name just two, but  Ryan Burnett will be the next Irish fighter they will be all talking about. I lost track of how many times he won as a amateur. He won seven Ulster titles,  five  Antrim titles, numerous multi nations and an Olympic youth gold medal. He is built for success and deserves all the success he gets. Said Hatton.

“He is an absolute talent. is real eager to train. He is also a real character. He is likeable and has a bounce in his step. He has moved from Belfast to Manchester to train with me and to learn his trade and that shows dedication. To leave your home, family and girlfriend at any stage is difficult and he has done it at 19.”

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