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Happenings both sides of the Atlantic make July 18 perfect night for Frampton

by Jonny Stapleton

THE online version of “you’re not singing anymore” rang around Twitter just after 10pm on Saturday (July 18) night.

Scott Quigg fans got up off their arm chairs, raised their hands aloft and in football fan like unison tweeted abuse the way of ‘The Jackal Army’.

You could almost hear the glee in each CAPPED word. The smugness was understandable, but for Irish fight fans unbearable.

Seconds after their man was jumping around the ring celebrating a career best win his rival, who had no problem telling the Bury man he was the B side in their relationship, was jumping back up off the canvas recovering from a flash knock down.

Even worse for Frampton fans Quigg just registered the ultimate comparison win, a metaphor a poet would have proud of.

He stopped none other than Kiko Martinez, the fighter who had gone 21 rounds with the Belfast World champion, in less than six minutes.

‘Who is in the driving seat now’ mocked Quigg post fight- following up the best upper cut he has thrown with a verbal blow aimed to toward Team Frampton and their 60-40 guaranteed requests.

Quigg fans were even brasher on social media. The supporters of the man some labeled ‘an over protected hype job’ were screaming ‘believe the hype’ in less print friendly language.

Although their man showed guts and extreme composure to get up off the floor and win by a wide points margin the next few days were tough for the sizable ‘Jackal Army’.

They took verbal body and even low blows galore as the Quigg faithful rejoiced. However although it seems quite the opposite in the immediate aftermath July 18 may have just gone perfectly for Frampton. Indeed in years to come the fantastic Frampton following might look back on Saturday July 18 as a key night in the Irish stars career.

Firstly Frampton retained his IBF title and did so in a dramatic eye catching fight. The millions that watched the 28 year old Tigers Bay puncher will certainly remember the name.

There is no such thing as bad publicity and the way the fight played out would have endeared the undefeated World champ to a wider audience and the exciting nature of the fight will ensure he is welcomed back Stateside where there is potential for massive fights.

Granted the super bantamweight name wasn’t at his bomtastic best, but he still had enough about him to win rather comfortably on a ‘poor day’- and how does the old football saying go? ‘Champions know how to win ugly’.

We don’t know why ‘The Jackal’ wasn’t as lethal as usual, but when they reflect his team will and can learn from the experience. If they, like most of the boxing public, over looked the challenge of one Alejandro Gonzalez Jr it is certainly an error they won’t make going into bouts where their man is heavily favoured in the future.

While he is a super talent and one of the best fighters Ireland has produced, Frampton will now know he isn’t super human. That confidence built up with the one sided wins over Kiko Martinez and the demolition of a mandatory challenger that was meant to carry a threat, Chris Avalos, will be separated from over over confidence and the kind of self belief that can be dangerous.

There is also that element of Iron Man out of his suit is anything, but super human- like any fighter if training doesn’t go perfectly there is a danger your talent might not be enough.

That leads us to the weight issue. The knock downs, that Quigg fans and the very few Frampton detractors would have you believe prove Frampton hasn’t a chin, were flash in nature. The Jackal was more embarrassed that hurt by both, which adds to the argument they were borne out of cutting a lot of weight during fight week rather than any punch resistance issues.

Considering Frampton and his team have making weight down a science it was strange to hear the Belfast man had scales issues. They have since said they got things wrong and being out of their comfort zone away from home played apart.

Again things to put down to experience for when ‘The Jackal’ fights away from Belfast again.

So upon reflection Frampton learned valuable lessons that will benefit him in future fights and did so while registering an eye catching come from behind win in front of over 5 million TV viewers. Possibly not a great performance, but certainly not a bad day at the office.

Indeed, the only thing that really hurts Frampton fanatics is Quigg winning at the same time and although they might not admit it openly that Kiko KO win might have been good for ‘The Jackal’ too.

While Quigg deserves credit for his display against a man who has massive respect on these shores his previous opponents were far from testing.

Indeed it looked more match fixing than match making on occasion. It got to the point where Frampton was becoming an obvious winner if the two were to meet. ‘The Jackal’ had the legitimate title, had the better names on his record and was above what looked like a ‘protected’ Quigg in all the rankings.

But for the history between the pair, which dates back as far as Frampton vs Gavin Reid in 2010, there might not have been any real clamour for the clash. After the Avalos fight some where even suggesting Kid Galahad might provide a more dangerous domestic threat to the Cyclone Puncher.

However, after Joe Gallagher trained puncher’s July 18 win and the manner in which it was achieved Quigg has not just been reinstated as a viable opponent, but some have him as favourite to beat ‘The Jackal’.

A mouthwatering clash has now become irresistible to the fighting palate. As a result the potential revenue from the much talked about bout has increased significantly.

Not only will Frampton get more money for fighting Quigg due to the Martinez demolition he will also get more kudos if he beats the Bury man. So impressed were Ring Magazine that they moved the Matchroom fighter to the top of their super bantamweight ratings.

So in that regard if team Frampton make the Quigg fight and win their stock, rating and and bank balance will all significantly rise.

And if Paddy Barnes is to be believed anyone who knows anything about boxing knows ‘The Jackal’ devours Quigg regardless of what the English puncher achieved in Manchester on July 18.

If that is the case and again the teams can come to an arrangement Quigg’s recent achievement  and his fans ‘your not singing anymore’ style rejoicing will make that victory taste even sweeter for The Jackal Army, another positive of July 18 and its fall out?


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years