Guide to Betting on Boxing

Betting on boxing has been alive for as long as the sport itself has been known (over 5000 years). The game has become extremely popular all over the world, and millions of people tune in to watch, especially when popular matches are being played. Just like in football betting, boxing bookmakers also provide a handful of markets to place your stakes on. 

Outright winner is the ‘winner takes it all’ formula, which is more popular among seasoned punters. The best way around it is to analyze a fighter’s abilities for you to come up with a better prediction.

Apart from the outright winner (bout betting) market, there are other types of boxing betting that you can consider. They are:

  • Method of victory
  • Round betting
  • Grouped round betting
  • Over or under rounds, and many more.

All gamblers have their way through to the win-win situation but it is always the lucky ones that knock-off the kasyno bet. Becoming successful in the boxing gambling market is not an easy task, but it isn’t impossible altogether. 

Here are five tips of placing bets on boxing that may increase your chances of winning:

Use of manageable budget to start the game

As a gambler, you want to win by all means. Testing the waters by both legs may be a bad idea. Good gambling ought to start with an amount whose loss may not harm the players and as well scare the gambling company. 

The best rule of thumb in this plan should involve recycling any ticket whose value you have doubled. So long as one ticket with double value remains in your hold, it may be a potential plan to play the next ticket.

Study recent form

Before you settle on your preferred candidate, study the recent form of the combatants as it greatly determines how the game plays out. Have they recently won or suffered defeats? Have they been busy training or they are coming from a long period of inactivity?

Place Smaller Bets

Like selecting smaller jackpots, you may as well choose to go by small bets to keep yourself at par with the unfolding turnouts of the game. Some articles prefer the quote, “go big or go broke” to give the picture of the possibility of failure in choosing bigger bets. It may be a terrible idea for you because simply, it may never go well with you. 

You may call it a double jump on thorns. The rationale guiding this paraphernalia is that the faster you are on the noose of losing your bets, the sooner your end to gambling nears. But a little tarry with smaller bets will prepare you for either flight or fight-on awareness.

Commit to Short Odds and Avoid the Long Ones

The short odds have a way of predicting to you who in the game is mostly favored by the people. This should be your noting signal to make you avoid the long odds. The favorite spot should be your settling point – the short odds.

Choose a reputable sportsbook

This is one of the most important things to consider before staking your bets. Even though they may have the same matches, bookmakers have different odds and policies that the punters can consider. The best option is to go for the most reputable sites with more markets and unique options such as the automaty do gier that increase your chances of winning.


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