The Grudge match is on- Fitzgerald v O’Sullivan ready for Civil War

IT won’t be as high profile as a potential Andy Lee Matthew Macklin middleweight derby dust up, but for the hardcore Irish boxing fan Anthony Fitzgerald versus Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan is just as exciting a prospect.

Ask any Irish fight fan what domestic dalliance tickles their fancy and after Macklin v Lee, ‘Spike’ v ‘Fitzy’ is top of the list.

There is more needle between the pair than there are needles in a sowing factory and they have traded more verbal blows over the years than Gatti and Ward did real ones in their trilogy.

Both have called each other out, both have claimed the other has rebuffed offers to fight and both have stated they would beat the other if given the opportunity.

Such obvious animosity, not to mention the Dublin Cork angle, fight fans have had dreams of the civil war clash and it dreams have come true as the pair will trade leather in the National Stadium on August 30.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years