Golden Boy Should Try Ireland On For Size Says Kavanagh

By Patrick Appleton

Top Irish prospect Jamie Kavanagh believes there is a gap in the market for his huge promoter Golden Boy to bring shows to Ireland.

Kavanagh has been with Golden Boy since turning pro and has reaped the benefits of

Nuisance wants home coming

working with the world-class promoters by fighting on some important undercards in front of big crowds.

Now the Irishman has told that the Americans should look at taking to the Emerald Isle and says he would love to headline such a show if the chance arose.

“I want to fight in Ireland whenever I can really. There isn’t as much happening in Ireland, which is sad for most boys turning over or already professional. They have go to England and even then sometimes don’t get a fair crack of the whip.”

Jamie Kavanagh may be on the fringes of fame over in the US but here in Ireland real boxing fans recognize he is a star in the making, and for the Dubliner to headline his own show at home would definitely be a crowd puller.

The Wild Card boxer’s last fight ended in a draw on the Khan-Peterson undercard last December and Golden Boy have plans for him to fight now at the end of March and again hopefully on the Khan rematch come May.

Following successful negotiation of those fights surely a trip to Ireland would be an enticing prospect for Oscar De La Hoya’s group.

“I’d love for Golden Boy to see something there and organise a show if they could with me and other fighters fighting. It would be a great opportunity.”

There would be clamour for tickets, especially in Dublin, to see one of their own back from fighting on the fringes of big-time fights to headline his very own ‘homecoming’.

The ‘homecoming’ fight has been a successful ploy in recent years for Irish fighters such as John Duddy, Paul McCloskey and Tyson Fury and it would be the ideal chance for Kavanagh to boost his brand.

Some may say that with only ten less than full distance fights so far a homecoming for Kavanagh would be premature and it’s a point worth noting.

However, once Kavanagh achieves the goals Wild Card are setting him there would be less chance of him being able to travel to Ireland for a fight as he will surely be near top billing in the States provided things go to plan.

“Fighting in Ireland would be unbelievable for me, but they (Golden Boy) don’t see things the way I maybe would. They are looking in a different direction and as my promoters I have to respect that.”

Jamie Kavanagh wants to fight in Ireland one day. That much is clear. But soon Kavanagh will hopefully be a star the likes of which Irish boxing has never had.

Golden Boy should give the Dubliner his dream now, before he becomes a superstar that Irish arenas can’t facilitate in years to come.

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