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Golden Boy on a run in the sun – Quigley: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to standout

By Paddy Cronan

Jason Quigley’s last fight was less than 4 weeks ago at the famous Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (the same venue Phil Sutcliffe and Gerard Hawkins fought at in the 1984 Olympic Games), against the 8-3 Tom Howard.

The Arena is in the shadow of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum which struck a chord with the young Quigley, who’s been fighting in front of a predominantly Mexican crowd.

The Ballybofey puncher’s style has given them cause to take interest. Quigley is just days short of his eight pro fight, which takes place at the Fantasy Springs Casino this Saturday night, but took time to reflect on his seventh pro win and the reaction he is getting since turning over.

“It’s just like the way gladiators in the coliseum love to revel in the feedback of the crowd,” noted Quigley. “It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s a great buzz. My last fight was absolutely amazing. The Mexican fans must really love my style and the way I fight because the way they’ve got behind me…it’s really unbelievable, and I’m really grateful for it.”

Quigley was certainly out to impress. He came out in the first round immediately setting to work, ripping his opponent with body shots. It was clear Quigley went out to throw every punch with bad intentions, and was intent on making an impression on the crowd. After dropping Howard twice in the second round, the referee made the decision to step in with 1 minute 21 seconds remaining in the round. Quigley was teeing off without much coming back from Howard.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to stand out,” Quigley revealed.

“Professional boxing is a business also, and you need to catch the eyes of the public. You need to please the people that are buying the tickets for your fights as well, but you can’t get caught up in that. My main focus and my main goal is getting into that ring and putting on the best performance I can. I know once I do that no matter who’s standing across from me they’re going to be in for one hell of a night…and I know I’m going to put on a show. It’s absolutely key for me to get in there and give it absolutely everything that I’ve got. To put on a great great performance and of course in the back of your mind you want to please the people, and you want to stand out.”

Quigley is visibly delighted with how busy Golden Boy Promotions are keeping him. His fight at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino August 8, takes place exactly 4 weeks after his last outing

“Anybody who knows me knows I always keep myself in shape,” the 7-0 pro stressed.

“This is ideal for me because you always have an end goal and a date to get ready for. That gives me the motivation to work an extra 5 or 10 percent harder in the gym, and to stay more focused when getting ready for a fight. I’m absolutely delighted (with Goldenboy) it was only July eleventh I had my last fight, and two or three days after that I heard that I could be fighting again so I was straight back in to the gym.”


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