Ginley: It’s good to be back now I want two more wins before Santa comes

RAY Ginley wants to wants to bag two more wins and deliver two more exciting performances before Santa Clause does his massive delivery round.
After looking at rather than over his shoulder over since last December the Belfast puncher is now looking forward and wants to improve to 8-0 by the time the year is out.
Ginley registered a ‘perfect’ come back win in the Ring Of Dream on Saturday registering a fourth round stoppage over Quincy Minor on a card that included John Joe Nevin’s comeback and saw victory for Tyrone McKenna.
Now having completed a successful comeback Greenblood’s Ginley is looking forward.
“I’m going to be fighting in Philly in mid November and then again in December 7th I think, so god willing I will be 8-0 by the time Santa comes,” the 21 year old told
The American based Belfast puncher admits he was worried an injury which had him out for the majority of 2014 would flair up again, but revealed he got through the bout in North Carolina without issue.
“My nerves were away the whole weekend, but once I got in the venue, and got my hands wrapped and gear on that all went away.I was raring to go then.. I was so worried about having a repeat of my last fight and my shoulder going again but it held up fine,” he added before discussing the bout.
“It was a cagey first round, a battle of the jabs. I was able to win that battle and beat him to the jab, then I started to work his body with big right hooks which I could see were breaking him down.
“My coach firmly told me to start putting my shots together that I was hurting him and he didn’t want to know. So as soon as the bell rang I walk straight at him putting combinations together. Then I landed a over hand right that buckled him, he tried to grab me and I caught him with a right and left hook which put him sleep.”
Banking four rounds and getting a stoppage seems the ideal combination for a fighter returning from a sabbatical. However, Ginley, whose brother Mark has also boxed professionally, isn’t overly round keen and claims it was the perfect result as he entertained en route to win number five.
“It was the perfect result because I want to be known as an exciting fighter. People pay money to come see excitement and I want to give them their money’s worth and knock my opponents out. People say it’s good to get rounds but I get plenty of rounds in the gym with world class fighters, when fight night comes I want to be in and out as fast as possible. You don’t get paid for over time in this job.”


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