Frampton: The treatment to Selby by some of the Leeds fans was disgraceful

Carl Frampton claims has labeled the treatment dished out to Lee Selby by SOME of Josh Warrington’s fans was ‘disgraceful’.

After years of back and fort Selby and Warrington finally met in Elland Road last Summer and the Welsh fighter, who was upset by the Leeds native, was on the receiving end of some abuse from a portion of the current world champs followers.

‘The Jackal’, who challenges for Warrington’s IBF title in Manchester on December 22, felt some of the treatment was below belt and the ever honest fighter was brave enough to say so less than 24 hours before he heads to Leeds for a press conference.

Like the Belfast fight fans the Leeds faithful are renowned for their passion and the two are expected to create a unique atmosphere in Manchester three days shy of Christmas.

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It will be a unique scenario for the former two weight world champ. The majority of his fights have played out in front of a partisan and loud support, but on this occasions there may be enough Warrington support for him to hear boos as he enters the ring.

It’s something he believes he can handle.

“It will be different to anything I really had before,” the fighter some suggest is Ireland’s greatest of all time told BT Sport.

“It’s fine I will be able to deal with it. It doesn’t really matter what’s said between me or Josh or whats said between our fans. It matters what happens on the night,” he added before being asked about the Selby Warrington scenario.

“There was a lot of tension there and it was simmering for a number of years and the fans picked up on that, but if I am being honest the way Lee Selby was treated in Leeds was disgraceful by some of the fans. Not all of the fans I don’t want to tar them all with the one brush.”


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