Frampton and Santa Cruz put aside pending feud for family moment

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Fight week usually means fight mode. Fighters are tetchy even moody as they try and cut weight.

Each press conference and head to head is used to try and verbally and physically get one over on your up coming rival.

Guards are rarely dropped as punchers try and let their rivals know they are fit, ferocious and ready to fight.

Those bad man personas are usually magnified going into a big fight and you can’t get bigger than Carl Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz’s Showtime broadcast WBA featherweight World title fight in New York this weekend.

However, Saturday’s main event participants gave us a glimpse at their true character just two days before the trade what looks set to be an abundance of vicious leather after Thursday’s media duties.

After being cordial press duties the pair showed they are family men first and fighters second providing us with a moment that looks more pre fight than post fight.

Frampton and Santa Cruz posed for pictures with their kids at a time most would be eyeballing and insulting each other.


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