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Frampton praises ‘incredible’ success of Boy 3 Champ he shouted out on BT Sports

Carl Frampton has heralded the ‘incredible’ success of the Boy 3 champion he shouted out on BT Sports.

Gary McComb became Midland BC’s first Irish champion since the ‘The Jackal’ when he was crowned 44.5kg National Boy 3 Champion just over a week ago.

Being the first to bring the honour to the club since Frampton and the becoming the clubs first Irish titlist since as far back as 2008 is a story in itself – and well worth the tv mention.

However, there is more to McComb’s tale.

The young prospect achieved the success in only his FOURTH fight. McComb entered the National Championships with just one club show clash on his record, he won three more in the tournament, including a victory over a two time Irish titlist and a pressure final.

It’s a sensational achievement that Frampton is adamant deserves praise and one he feels will benefit his old amateur club.

“Anyone watching Joyce-Zhang on BT Sport last Saturday will have heard me mention young Gary McComb. Gary boxes out of my old club, Midland, and last week won the Irish Boy 3 title at 44.5kg, beating a two-time Irish champion despite having had just four fights so far including one on a club show,” former two-weight World champion said in his popule Sunday Life column.

“He got a bye in the County Antrims which qualified him for the All-Irelands, so to do that within four fights is incredible. It took me three goes and something in the region of 60 previous fights before I won an Irish title.

“This is the first Irish title for our club since 2008 and I think his success will inspire the other kids who train alongside him in Midland.
I always keep in touch with Midland coach Cooper McClure, who has always spoken very highly of Gary,” he adds before pointing out McComb could prove an inspiration to his clubmates.

“A rising tide lifts all boats and his win will hopefully help the others in the club see that it can be done.

“I hope Gary is very proud of his success but I don’t think even he realises what a huge achievement this is.”

Frampton gave a mention on BT Sport last Saturday night, saying: “Now this is a little bit off topic and maybe a little bit unprofessional but I did say to Buncey I was going to do it.

“Young Gary McComb from my club Midland ABC has just won the first Irish title since 2008.

“I was the last man to do it so this lad is the future. So well done Gary.”


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