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Frampton foe Andres Gutierrez – “I know that after the fight people are going to start loving me”

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Andres Gutierrez [35(25)-1(0)-1] has promised to entertain rather than fight the Jackal Army.

Gutierrez takes on home favourite Carl Frampton [23(14)-1(0)] in the Belfast man’s homecoming at the SSE Odyssey Arena on Saturday July 29th in a WBC featherweight eliminator.

While the perma-smiling Mexican wasn’t quite Mike Tyson “I’ll f*ck you ’til you love me”-esque, he has promised that fans will love him once he defeats Frampton

The Mexican got a taste of the following Carl Frampton has at a press conference in Belfast earlier this month.

He spoke afterwards with Irish-Boxing.com and admits that he was impressed with ‘The Jackal Army’ – however he is by no means intimidated

The 23 year old was well received by Frampton fans, and he noted that “I’m very grateful to the people of Belfast, they have given me a warm welcome and everyone’s been really nice to me.”

“I’m very confident, I’m not going to be fighting anybody else, I’m just going to be fighting Frampton, I’m going to focus on him and leave the crowd behind.”

“I’m very happy about that [the hostile atmosphere], because I know that after the fight people are going to start loving me, after I defeat Frampton.”

A big underdog, Gutierrez however had no hesitation taking the fight.

The largely under-the-radar contender does have a certain steely-eyed confidence about him – indeed some in the press row noted a similarity to when Kiko Martinez came to Dublin to fight Bernard Dunne. Gutierrez though claims he wont be looking to jump the Jackal.

The Queretano native outlined how “as soon as we found out about the fight, we agreed to the fight. I know Frampton is a really big challenge for me, he’s a really hard puncher, but I’ll give it my best.”

“I’m not thinking about the knockout, but if I have the opportunity of a knockout I’m going to go for it. I just want a war, a fair fight, and a good fight for all the fans.”

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