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Frampton Floored! Quigg tells Frampton sparring stories

Scott Quigg landed a low blow and broke the boxing code during the filming of ‘The Gloves are Off’ in the Sky Sports studios this week.

According to those who took in bout of verbal sparring there was no love lost between the rivals during the filming the show that will be aired on Valentines night.

Sky tell us to expect ‘harsh’ words and a show that will increase anticipation for the all ready eagerly awaited super bantamweight February 27 World title fight.

Among the verbal sparring it seems Quigg did all he could to rattle ‘The Jackal’. Indeed, some will suggest he crossed the line as according to Sky ‘tells stories of Frampton being floored in the gym”.

Quigg is also said to be adamant he has the bigger support during the show, which considering Frampton’s track record in selling out arena’s in comparison to his, suggests what he says has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Considering the amount of sparring fighters do over a career flirting with the canvas is inevitable at some stage and Frampton’s chin has passed big punching tests when it mattered under the lights. Granted he was down twice in the first round last time out against Gonzalez Jr, but bot knock downs where of the flash rather than the heavy kind.

Indeed, rumours Quigg has been put on his rear in the gym are plentiful and he has been dropped by Jamie Arthur as a pro.

Regardless be it rightly or wrongly sparring and all that happens in the gym generally isn’t brought into the public domain even by third parties, but Quigg continued in his attempts to get under ‘The Jackal’s’ skin on the show.

Other points of discussion during what is said to be a heated show are fans, pressure, experience and a tactics.


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