Frampton and Santa Cruz finally get to size each other up

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They have been talking about each other from other sides of the Atlantic for nearly three years now.

They agreed to fight earlier this year, and by all accounts had an understanding before they both fought different opponents on the same night back in February.

However Carl Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz  have never met in person.

Even when Frampton flew out to America early this month, Santa Cruz didn’t want to travel to New York to do a press conference, meaning both were denied that ‘size up’ opportunity and fight fans were denied any verbal back and forths.

However, with just four days to go until the massive Showtime broadcast World title fight Carl Frampton and the WBA featherweight World title holder have finally gone eyeball to eyeball.

Showtime, who will air the bout in America, organised a head to head on the top of the Empire State Building today.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years