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Formbook Out The Window – Graham McCormack ignoring recent bad results for Dominic Donegan

He was never going to go the form is temporary, class is permanent route – but Graham McCormack [7(1)-1(0)] isn’t paying heed to  Dominic Donegan‘s recent run of results.

‘The Bomb’ imploded somewhat in 2021 with two defeats and a draw against journeymen opposition.

It’s the kind of run that has many backing ‘G-Train’ to depart Belfast with the BUI middleweight Celtic title by the end of this weekend.

McCormack doesn’t think it’s that simple, he argues it’s still a 50-50 fight that he will have to perform in in order to overcome Donegan [5(1)-2(0)-1].

“Of course it’s a 50-50,” he says of the Summer Brawl bill topper.

“People are saying he’s two defeats to journeymen, so what! Like I’ve said before my last fight against a journeyman anything can happen in a boxing ring. One shot can change a fight.

“Dom has every chance just like I have every chance and I have to look at it like that. I think you’re a fool if you think you are better than anyone else. Anyone with boxing gloves is dangerous.”

The ever-entertaining McCormack admits he overlooked lesser opponents previously and nearly paid the price.

“I’ve done it before and I nearly got beat by lesser fella’s only my mindset got me through the fight. This is a dangerous fight for me. He is a good fighter and I have respect for that. He has five wins two knockouts, he can fight. It’s a dangerous fight but I’m 100 percent confident I can win.”

Speaking again on the tension between the pair, the Shaun Kelly-trained fighter says it has no relevance on how he’ll perform or no effect on him outside of the fight game.

“Outside of boxing, I’ve nothing against him. I’m not one of those fighters, I’m a humble guy, but right now I don’t like the guy and I’m coming for that win on Saturday night. In my eyes, I need to win this fight 100 percent and I’m going to win this fight 100 percent.”


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