Five Reasons why Pacquiao vs Khan would be a thrilling spectacle

Before getting too excited, the hype surrounding this potential fight was sparked by Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, who has said that his man could fight Amir Khan in Dubai in 2016.

Without getting engrossed in political feuds, Khan is advised by the mysterious Al Haymon, who Arum has filed a lawsuit against. So to put it simply, this would be a difficult deal to reach considering the rivalries between the men at the top of the chain.

But let’s talk boxing. If the pair fought, it would be one of the most attractive contests in the sport today. And here’s why.


1. Speed vs Speed

Few fighters can come close to equalling Manny Pacquiao for speed but Amir Khan is one such man. He demonstrated this against Devon Alexander in what was a technically brilliant fight showcasing dazzlingly rapid hands.

Just because Pacquiao is 36 don’t think he has lost his main asset. In 2014 he avenged his controversial first defeat to Timothy Bradley and in the process fired a ten shot combination at his opponent. Khan and Pacquiao are two of the quickest boxers around and their clash of speed would make for an enthralling battle.


2. Return of Manny from that infamous night in May

It would be interesting to see how Pacquiao would manage physiologically. Against Floyd Mayweather, he carried millions of people’s hopes who believed he was the man to destroy the indestructible Mayweather. But the pound for pound king remained unscathed. Will such a crucial loss damage Pacquiao’s confidence or will he display mental strength and return with a bang? A night in the ring with Amir Khan would give us our answers.


3. Now Mayweather has Berto, there is no bigger fight for Khan

A world title scrap with Kell Brook at Wembley would be huge. But facing Manny Pacquiao in Dubai would be colossal for Khan’s career especially if he won. Pacquiao would be a challenge for Khan just as Khan would be a test for Pacquiao. They would capture the imagination of the entire boxing world if it comes off.


4. Former stable mates competing

From training partners at Freddie Roach’s Wild Card gym to enemies on the big stage. They possess tremendous respect for one another but neither combatant could show mercy in the ring. Another fascinating aspect is that Khan would be up against former trainer Freddie Roach. Would Roach have the Bolton fighter all figured out to Manny’s advantage or would Khan illustrate that it should have been him, not Pacquiao, who was Roach’s number one boxer all along?


5. Prize for the winner?

World title fights would present themselves following an event of that magnitude. But would something more appealing be lurking under the surface? Could Mayweather be eyeing the winner so that he can go on to beat Rocky Marciano’s 49 and 0 record? I don’t believe for one second that Berto is Mayweather’s final dance.

What better way for him to bow out than by exhibiting that Pacquiao’s shoulder injury was just an excuse or even shutting up Amir Khan and proving once and for all that nobody can defeat him. One thing is for sure, if Khan vs Pacquiao was arranged and the victor was guaranteed Mayweather, both fighters would be giving it their absolute all to go on and be the fighter to possibly ruin Floyd’s farewell from boxing.

Liam McInerney

Colour writer for world section of A Sugar Ray Robinson biography inspired me to be a boxing journalist. Twitter- @_LiamMcInerney