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Fists have done the talking for Leinster coach making step up to six rounds

Cillian Reardon [3-0] believes his fists have done the talking as he prepares for the step up to six rounds on Celtic Clash 7.

The middleweight prospect’s Leinster Rugby links ensured a high-profile entry to a packed field of new pros in March of this year.

The fact Leinster and Irish rugby stars turn up to support his bouts in Dublin and his role as a coach with a such a successful and well-supported club have ensured talk surrounding his fights has often veered from what actually happens in the ring.

Additionally, Dublin favourites Aslan accompanied him into the ring in his last fight, a top-of-the-bill clash in Tallaght, further feeding into the celeb aspect surrounding the Steven O’Rourke trained fighter.

cillian reardon

However, after three wins and three performances sprinkled with real moments of natural talent, Reardon is now being viewed as a genuine prospect by the more hardcore fight followers – and the fighter himself seems to be noticing the swell of respect.

Reardon welcomes the advantages that working with the sporting institution bring, but when in the ring wants to be judged by the same criteria as every other fighter and stresses he feels he makes the move up in rounds come November 24th because of what he has achieved in his three fights to date.

“It’s the natural thing and I also get a lot of advantages from being associated with Leinster. You take the rough with the smooth but I think I am where I am at now on merit,” the Assassin fighter told The Gazette.

“I would like people to see me as a good boxer when I am in the ring and know me for that too but it is up to me to prove what I am capable of. I think that would be the case for any fighter not just one with my associations.”

The six-round nature of the Good Counsel GAA Club-hosted fight night will see Reardon build toward the BUI Celtic title. and it’s quite possible Assassin could push him in that direction in early 2019 paving the way for an Irish title shot later in the year.

Reardon certainly doesn’t want to hang around and has always been vocal about his domestic desire.

The Stillorgan puncher outlined how “I want to do something in this game that’s worth doing. It’s a bit of a sink-or-swim scenario for me so I’m happy to progress faster.”

“I want to be busy to first of all build a record but also to move toward more competitive fights in as short as time as makes sense. It is also about getting me the experience quickly so I can take those competitive fights.

“I said after my first fight a realistic medium term goal would be to win the Irish title. I still think that should be the goal. I am not saying I should be jumping in with [Irish Middleweight Champion] Luke Keeler right now but I don’t think that level is out of reach.”


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