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Fired-up Big Sexy dares Nathan Gorman to go toe-to-toe on Tyson Fury undercard

A fired-up Sean Turner [12(8)-2(0)] has dared Nathan Gorman to stand toe-to-toe with him this coming Saturday night.

The Dublin heavyweight has been handed the chance to change his career by defeating the Ricky Hatton-trained big man and becoming an emerging name in an increasingly exciting division.

‘Big Sexy’ seems confident of victory and predicts it will come early if his opponent avoids his “slap, slap, slap and run tactics.”

Indeed, the Shankill slugger, whose performance at the top table of a press conference in Manchester added value and generated more interest in the undercard of Tyson Fury’s return, dared his 21-year-old opponent to come and fight on the BT Sport-broadcast card.

Turner, who will have Danny Vaughan rather than regular coach Pete Taylor in his corner this weekend, warns Gorman [12(10)-0] if he stays within range he will end up being helped up off the canvas by coach Ricky Hatton.

“Listen, Ricky is talking about him having to stand in the pocket. Come to me, don’t run, stand in my pocket for 30 seconds and see where you end up. You’ll be on the deck with Ricky over you looking down and asking if your alright,” an animated Turner said.

“Don’t go running around the ring like you do every fight. You stand toe-to-toe with me and see what happens. It will be an early night for me and we will see what happens.”

It’s proved a difficult week for the 27-year-old Dubliner. The shooting a Bray Boxing Club would certainly have hit him hard and Irish-Boxing.com believes that, at one stage, he wasn’t too sure if his fight would go ahead.

However, ‘Big Sexy’ is in Manchester now, was spitting fire at today’s press conference and is ready to break hearts.

“I am going to bring everything to the ring. I am going to really put in on Nathan. I don’t Nathan knows what he is in for. I am going to hit him back as hard as I can.”

“Most of his opponents haven’t hit him back at all. We are going to test Nathan’s chin on the night and see how he gets on.”

“He is getting hit by a man, you know what I mean. Nathan is only a boy. I don’t take a step back. I am going to break his heart.”

Gorman has been namedropping a number of fellow heavyweight prospects in the build up to the fight stating he is not just ready but keen to fight the likes of Joy Joyce and Daniel Dubois and the former Irish International amateur has taken offence.

“He is looking past me that’s the thing – you don’t look past fighters. You’re already looking Daniel Dubios for next month. [He] is going to sparked out, it doesn’t matter if [he] has 10 Ricky Hattons in [his] corner, [he] is not going to win on Saturday.”


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