Fighters Favourites: Joe Rea


Read our exclusive new feature every Thursday as we take a time out with an Irish boxer to ask them their favourites in boxing, no doubt we will have some interesting answers throughout the year!

Interviewer – Paddy Appleton


-Favourite current fighter and why

Floyd Mayweather, just his class ring generalship, and he can make his opponent do what he wants him to do. That’s the name of the game in boxing, if you can get your opponent to do what you want then you’re winning the mental battle and that’s very important.

-Favourite fighter of all time & why

Sugar Ray Leonard. Great showman and had a great personality inside and outside the ring. He had the best foot movement I’ve ever seen in the ring.

-Favourite fight of all time & why

Ward v Gatti I. They were two warriors that would die in the ring before quitting. Also Micky was my old trainer in America and he is one of the nicest and caring guys you could ever meet. A great guy.

-Favourite venue to fight at & why

Definitely The Odyssey in Belfast. You can feel the buzz as soon as you enter the arena and the place has a great atmosphere, it’s where you want to be fighting.


-Any person in history who you would like to get in the ring and why, doesn’t have to be a boxer.

It would have to be a rematch with Martin Murray. He beat me in the quarter finals in Prizefighter in 2009, and he went on to win the competition. I believe I will win this Prizefighter in May so I would love to correct things by beating him. It would be Prizefighter champ v Prizefighter champ and also a great fight for the fans.



Don’t forget to read our interview with Joe later this afternoon, as he tells us how training is going, his thoughts on Prizefighter and why Eddie Hearn is the man when it comes to promoting Irish boxing.

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