Collins: Experience will overcome Warrington’s hometown advantage

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Patrick Hyland is going to do his best Daniel impression on Saturday night, and like the biblical character he will emerge from the Lions Den unscathed when he faces Josh Warrington live on Sky Sports

That is the opinion of his coach Paschal Collins, who has had recent first hand experience of Warrington’s famous fanatical Leeds following having worked with Jono Carroll and Luke Keeler on undercard fights in the First Direct Arena.

The experienced trainer is aware that it will be partisan and passionate, and even went as far as to suggest it may help give the home fighter a two round lead before the first bell is even rang.

However the Celtic Warrior Gym boss believes the former World title challenger will thrive rather than wilt in hostile surroundings.

“We know going to Leeds and winning will be hard,” Collins told

“I have been there before with Luke Keeler and Jono Carroll. It’s a fantastic venue with a fantastic atmosphere. The crowd Josh brings are noisey and passionate.”

“They are good people and a good crowd but they will be backing their man, Pajo will thrive off that.”

“We know he is a round or two down already. We have experience of that going to England. We have all seen fights where the away fighter won, but the judges have seen it different.”

“No doubt we are going there a couple of rounds there, but the good thing is it’s on Sky Sports live so if he doesn’t get a decision he deserves, people will know.”

“If a fighter comes to Ireland it’s the same thing the home team always have the advantage. Pajo is around long enough to know the score and being a round or two down is something we have taken into account.”

Hyland does indeed know the score. He is a veteran of 33 fights, is well traveled, and while he has had good boxing times he has also had to endure some of the worst things the business can throw at you.

He has banked a massive amount of experience since debuting against Dean Ward back in 2004 and the coach, who also looks after Spike O’Sullivan and Stephen Ormond, believes he will cash out on Saturday night.

Indeed Collins claims Hyland’s experience will be like kryptonite to his high volume, hard working opponent.

“It’s a very winable fight. We have a good game plan and we are confident. We know it’s not going to be easy, it will be a very tough fight, but Patrick Hyland is tough and clever. I used to say that to his Dad,” he continued.

“In my opinion the blueprint to beat Josh Warrington is to get yourself in really good shape, your defence has to be seriously good and you have to be clever with him. I think Pajo has that little bit more experience and will be too clever.”

“Experience will be key.”

There are more questions marks surrounding Macthroom’s former Commonwealth, British and European champ than you’d get on a Leaving Cert Project Maths paper. Despite the fact he is unbeaten, some query his power, others ask why he didn’t take the chance to fight Lee Selby for a World title, and there are even those who suggest his profile has less to do with his talent and more to do with his ticket-selling prowess.

Collins, however shoots down ‘Sky Hype Job’ talk and claims that, while Warrington is beatable, he remains talented.

“I like Josh Warrington, I like him as a fighter. He is your typical working class fighter he does it the hard way. He gets himself in good shape and stands there and trades for twelve rounds.”

“What I have noticed is he has improved a lot, he doesn’t waste as many shots and doesn’t expend as much energy as he used to. He also has a good defence, but he is no Gary Russell Jr.”


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