Emerald Promotions set the record straight re Willie Casey vs Kid Galahad

Emerald Promotions OfficialPress Release

This pressrelease is purely for the intension of setting the record straight when WillieCasey was offered to fight Kid Galahad.

Mick Hennessyhas responded to Emerald Promotions £20,000 winner takes all fight betweenWillie Casey and Kid Galahad offer as ‘ridiculous’

He believesWillie Casey did everything he could to get out of the fight on the 18thFebruary when Jason Booth faced Kid Galahad.

Willie Caseydid not take this fight because he had just separated from his manager GaryHyde and was in the position of finding a new manager and trainer.  He had not been training and needed time toget back on his feet.

The contractHennessy Sports put in front of Willie would have tied him in to a three fightdeal with them.  Mick Hennessy must have had doubts that Kid Galahad could win the fight to put this contract in frontof Willie Casey.

Kid Galahad had previously pulled out of an earlier fight due to a hand injury which Willie was more than happy to take.

Casey thinks Kid Galahad is a fantastic fighter and would love the opportunity to share the ring with the young talent sometime soon.

Emerald Promotionsdoes not wish to upset Hennessy Sports we are simply trying to get Willie Caseyto face the best fighters on the circuit. We would be happy to hear any suggestions they have to make the fight happen.

We would also welcome any contact from the Kiko Martinez camp after his great win againstArsen Martirosyan on Friday night.

A WillieCasey and Carl Frampton fight could make a fantastic show that the world deserves to see.


Looking forward to ones response!!!

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