Dee Walsh confident Tolan will help him put on show

By Jonny Stapleton

DEE Walsh faces his toughest test to date when he faces fellow Belfast fighter Tommy Tolan on the under card of Tyson Fury and Martin Rogan’s heavyweight title clash, but the 22 year old pro novice couldn’t be happier.

The confident prospect believes the tough veteran will enable him to show why people have been touting him as a future star and will rejoice in doing so in his home city on a massive card.

Walsh, who is managed by Gary Hyde, isn’t predicting a routine fourth straight win and is in no way disrespecting a man he holds in high regard. Indeed it is the polar opposite.

The undefeated fighter believes Tolan will come to win, not to mention bring the type of challenge and intensity that will ensure he is all but forced to produce his best.

“People are right to say Tommy will be a tough test. I have a lot of respect for Tommy Tolan for a number of reasons and those reasons are not only boxing ring related. I decided to take the fight with him because its a fight were he’s coming to win, he doesn’t want lose to a kid from West Belfast who’s 16 years younger than him. With a style like mine when someone comes the defeat me, it will make me be at my  best. It will make me put on a great show for the huge crowd I’m bringing,” Walsh respectfully told before giving our readers a glimpse of the confidence that makes him all the more intriguing.

“However, all the stats out the window Dee Walsh v Tommy Tolan is a fight Dee Walsh can win and will win.”

Walsh isn’t just happy to have been given such a test and a fight with a recognised name, who has shared the ring with some top opponents, he is excited about the prospect of fighting in Belfast on what is shaping up to be a quality card.

The majority of the Odyssey Arena crowd will be coming to see Fury and Rogan settle their differences, but Walsh hopes the potential 9,000 plus will be leaving with his name on their lips.

“I couldn’t be happier to be on this card. Probably the thee biggest show’s Belfast has ever seen are on this year and I am guaranteed to be on one of them. n top of that its the 100th anniversary of the Titanic. The fight is a couple hundred yards of were the titanic was built. This show is going down in history and I want people coming away from it talking about Dee Walsh and wanting to see more.”

Taking on Tolan, who despite loosing his last is a well respected pug, reflects the no cotton wool theme that has been prevalent in Walsh’s short career.

‘Waldo’, so far in two fights has fought Gerard Healy and former English title challenger Lee Noble and he believes such an approach to opponents only reflects the belief he and his team have in his talent.
“Well I think it shows the confidence Tony, Gary an Tommy have in me. Also it shows the confidence I have in myself, I am confident with hard work an dedication I can make it to the top of this sport.”

Before he makes it to the top he must first over come his Belfast elder and is preparing for tough test.

“Tommy Tolan is a come forward fighter and makes things hard for everyone he faces.It is just like my first two fights, a boxer against a fighter. Such clashes an they made for great match ups. He may have lost a few fights lately and also been stopped in the past, but that is because he took the fight with two days notice. This time he has five weeks to prepare. This will be a far harder Tommy Tolan than the one that’s been seen in the recent past.”






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