Eddie Hearn wants Macklin v Barker in September

By Jonny Stapleton

Eddie Hearn is eager to see Matthew Macklin and Darren Barker trade leather in September.

The Matchroom boss has already contacted Macklin’s promoter, Lou DiBella re pitting Sergio Martinez’s most recent victims against each other.

The intriguing battle has twice been made but was twice Ko’d. Could it prove third time lucky?

Speaking on Ringside last week Heard said.

“It is definitely a fight we want to make. Firstly well done to Darren he has just come through his hip operation and should be ready to go September. I sent an email to our good friend Lou Di Bella on Monday to let him know the Macklin fight is one we want to make. It is one that fell out of bed twice already. It is a great fight for domestic boxing. Macklin did fantastically well against Martinez, as did Darren, they both came up short in the same round. That’s a fight we really want to make in September.”


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