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Dub Step – Michael Conlan pushing Queensberry to bring Pierce O’Leary home

Pierce O’Leary has all the ingredients to become a true darling of Dublin and a capital headline act, according to a man who knows a thing or two about packing out venues.

Olympic medal winner and two-time world title challenger Michael Conlan is big on ‘Big Bang’, hyping the Sheriff Street star as the best prospect in Irish boxing.

The Belfast man also believes the Dublin Docklands graduate is ready to have a Bernard Dunne-styled impact on his hometown, backing him to bring regular big fight nights to the venue known in boxing parlance as ‘The Point’.

Now that he is part of team O’Leary, having signed him to Conlan Boxing, Conlan will push to make that happen.

The undefeated 24-year-old’s promoters Queensberry have mentioned bringing the Dub home on numerous occasions over the last two years but a O’Leary topped fight night has yet to materialise.

Conlan Boxing will now push for action rather than words.

“Now we’re managing Pierce, we’re pushing Frank and George [Warren] to come to Dublin,” said Conlan. “This kid is a star. He’s got all the ability in the world.

“The kid can punch really, hard and is also a very good boxer, he has the fanbase, he has that kind of typical Irishman mentality, a humble, down to earth guy, who is just going to try and provide a better life for his family, which is always nice to see.

“In my opinion, he is probably the best prospect on the island and someone who I wanted to sign from the day we started Conlan Boxing.”

Topping a 3Arena card would be a big jump from populating undercards around Britain but Conlan is adamant no one is better placed to make that step than the Dubliner.

“I know he’ll sell it out already because I already know the tickets he does when he fights in London and stuff, all flying in from Ireland coming to watch him.”

“These guys are travelling. He fights in Dublin, obviously, you stack the undercard too, it’s going to sell, it’s going to do really well and there’s nothing like a star being born in Dublin who is from Dublin, from the city.

“The last person from the city who did it really big was Bernard Dunne and that’s a long time ago and I think Pierce is the next man to seek that mantle.”


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