Dennis Hogan wants to be part of the Irish Prizefighter eight

By Jonny Stapleton

DENNIS Hogan is desperate to secure a slot on the potential May 5 All Ireland Prizefighter.

One of a number of Irish fighters on the up Down Under is one of 16 Irish middleweights

Kildare's King of Queensland wants to be Prizefighter champ

on promoter Eddie Hearn’s list for a possible May 5 all Irish Prizefighter, but the Kildare native wants to make the Belfast Prizefighter eight.

The super middleweight king of Queensland has yet to fight as a pro in Ireland and would love nothing more than a homecoming in the knockout knockout tournament.

Former amateur light heavyweight Hogan, who challenges for the Queensland middleweight title next Friday, understands thinks the tournament is made for his style and is confident he could win it.

“I read about the possible Irish Prizefighter on and  I got very excited. I would love to get a shot of competing in Prizefighter. It would be super for me I think and would really suit me,” Hogan explained.

“I  know there are a lot of class boxers on the list of possibilities, but every boxer is confident in there own ability. Fortune favours the brave and I am certainly brave. I want a shot!! Prizefighter has always been a great nights boxing and it would be great to be a part of that.”


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