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Declan Trainor to return to amateurs and make comeback

Warrenpoint’s Declan Trainor plans to make a comeback, and intends to become Ireland’s first professional boxer to return to the IABA and the ‘amateur’ game.

Now 26, Trainor [2(2)-1(1)] last fought in 2013, losing in the 6th round of his epic clash with Stephen ‘Block’ Reynolds, a fight editor Jonny Stapleton contends is “the greatest fight I have ever seen live.”

Following this, Trainor stepped away from boxing to focus on his succesful personal training career, and told that “my work-life and business took over, and I was not able to put full commitment into my training.”

However, the cruiserweight has started back training and intends to make a big splash on the Irish boxing scene and explained how “I have been back training over the past six weeks starting at 98kg. I am now 87.5kg and more determined than ever.”

“My last fight against Reynolds was Irish fight of the year but to be honest that was 40% of what I know I am capable of doing.”

“This year I will be returning to the ring, with my hands up and my chin down, and giving it all I got.”

Describing his trail-blazing plans, Trainor revealed that “I am actually going to be turning back amateur and will be the first person to ever do so.”

“It means I can do what I love and give my boxing and business full commitment as I do not have to travel to Belfast for training and spending two hours driving everyday.”

Going forward, the exciting big man’s “goals firstly will be to get back into the ring and boxing competitively, which I do miss very much.”

Then he plans to start “pushing for a few Ulster and Irish senior titles, you might even see me at 81kg the way my training is going,” before aiming for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, where he began his pro journey back in 2010.

In terms of weight Trainor stated that “I honestly think that I can make 81kg.”

“I will push my body as far as I can to get as close as I can to that weight.”

And while he will be returning to the 3x3minute format initially, Trainor muses that “you never know, I could get a good promoter that would like to take me on and pay for my boxing.”

Indeed the Northerner has World title ambitions, conceding that “it might sound silly to some,but I do believe I have the right head and heart to get there.”

“If you don’t dream it or believe it, it won’t happen, and I feel that in time I will get there.”

Relive Declan Trainor’s war with Stephen Reynolds below:


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