Danny O’Connor out to impress Irish fans on March 17

Much hyped Irish-American Danny O’Connor is hoping to win a place in Irish fight fans hearts with an impressive display on Lou DiBella’s Up Your Irish March 17 card.

O’Connor (16-1) is a 2008 Golden Glove champion and is touted as a fighter that has the potential to have the pro Midas touch.

Indeed the 26 year old light welterweight is being billed as a promising prospect Stateside and having impressed American fans is keen to win a place in the hearts the Irish equivilent on the under card of Sergio Martinez and Matthew Macklin’s massive title fight.

The DOC has Irish title ambitions and to say he is excited about fighting in Madison Square Garden on march 17 is an under statement.

“I could not be more excited to be fighting on the 17th at msg. Fighting at MSG alone is amazing but add to that it is on ST Patrick’s day and it’s going to be electric. I can already imagine what kind of atmosphere its going to be when all the Irish come to support. I absolutely can not wait. Even though not Irish born I hope that Irish will adopt me as one of there own as well. Hopefully after they see me and see what I’m all about they can now b Danny O fans for life!”

“My ancestry goes back to Donegal Ireland. I was able to visit when I was younger and I am dreaming of the day I will have the chance to come back and to bring my son Liam to visit. It means a lot to b Irish. I’m American and born in United States and proud of that but my heritage, my roots is Irish and I am very proud of that as well,” O’Connor told www.irish-boxing.com

“I  wear the Irish tri color into the ring. I don’t think I represent one thing I’m proud Of who I am Irish American. I think I just represent the everyday blue collar hard worker whatever race, colour, size he may be.  . I fight so my family doesn’t have to, to support them. I also fight in the hopes and dreams of being that world champion.”

O’Connor has joined forces with trainer Ronnie Shields of late and claims he is benefiting.

Shields has worked with a number of world champions including like Mike Tyson, Pernnell Whitaker and Evander Holyfield- and O’Connor believes the Savannah trainer can take him to the top.

“I do feel I’m closing in on some good opportunities especially now that I’m training with Ronnie shields. The Irish title would be a great honour and the ultimate goals are world championship belts. Not everyone has to like me or believe in my skill but I hope every respects what I’m doing and that is trying to make a secure life for my wife Diane and son Liam, as well as being champion. I strive everyday to better myself and reach the limits of boxing stardom.”

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