Conlan plans win to cheer up younger brother

JUNE 22 Jonny Stapleton

Jamie Conlan is planning to help brother Michael get over his disappointing exit from the European amateur championships with a knock-out performance of his own this weekend.

Fans and pundits alike believe the Irish amateur flyweight champion, Michael Conlan, was unlucky not to get the decision against 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Vincenzo Picardi in the quarter final of the prestigious continental tournament earlier this week.

His big brother, Jamie however, is confident he can help his brother get over the reverse and is predicting clan Conlan will be celebrating again after he beats Del Roy Spencer on a Lurgan bill that is topped by Stephen Haughian and includes Eamonn O’Kane.

The Belfast based fighter also claims he has been inspired by his siblings displays of late.

In fact in an amazing role reversal the bigger brother seems to look up to the youngest of the fighting Conlans.

“Michael was brilliant in Turkey. To beat the gold medal favourite in his first fight is an achievement in itself. He was really hard done by against the Italian. I really thought he won it but he will learn from it and use the experience to help him go one step further in the worlds. He really is the best boxer amateur or pro that I know. I am proud to be his brother. He always inspires me and he has inspired me again ahead of this fight. The kid is just pure class. His performances recently have been amazing,” Jamie Conlan told

The stylish flyweight takes on the man with more fights than some pro’s have spars, Delroy Spencer in his seventh pro bout.

The fledging pro admits he is expected to slay the boxing centurion and stressed as a result motivation for some in such a bout might prove difficult.

However, Conlan claims he is focused on what he can and not his opponent can bring to the ring Saturday night.

The John Breen trained fighter is bidding to make a statement and plans to stop the well travelled but rarely toppled journey man, who fought Stephen Quinn in the Holiday Inn last month.

“It could be hard getting motivated for Del but I never really think about the opponent to be honest. I just think about my own performance and how I can improve it and get better. In saying that I don’t take anyone for granted I have trained hard for this fight. Training has gone brilliant. I am in great shape, sparring has been top quality. Hopefully I will go a step further than last time out and get a stoppage against him. I know it’s hard to do because he’s a good journeyman an doesn’t really get stopped, so I’ll jus be going out there on sat to put on a show and look good and if the stoppage comes brilliant,” Conlon added.

The fledgling pro may only be facing his seventh paid appearance but he is ready to cash in on a small division and believes he is already on the verge of a British title shot.

Having watched Chris and Paul Edward clash for the Commonwealth and British title bouts recently Conlan is confident he has what it takes to become lord of the domestic flys.

“I watched the Edwards fight with interest. It was a good scrap credit to Chris Edwards he has a great engine on him and at his age showed how dedicated he is. I feel I am in the mix now. Even with only 6 fights I feel that I could beat anyone in the division. I hope to be challenging after the summer. The main thing Chris Edwards has is fitness and that is what John Breen has been preparing me for. He is making sure I can go the long distances. Skill, speed and power wise I am ten times better than Edwards. I feel I can beat anyone domestically in the division right now and as I get more experience Europe and beyond. But let’s put on a show against Del Roy on Saturday first.”

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