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Conlan: Beat Parrenas and a World title shot could await

JAMIE Conlan believes he could be just one impressive victory away from a World title shot.

‘The Mexican’ defend his WBO Inter-continental title against Warlito Parrenas on the under card of Carl Frampton’s IBF World title defence against Chris Avalos.

Philippine Asian champion, Parrenas is ranked #2 in the WBO super flyweight rankings and the Belfast fighter is hopeful his bout will be ratified as a World title eliminator before February 28.

However, as Parrenas is next in line for the title Conlan stresses victory should put him in title pole regardless of eliminator status.

“This hopefully will be a World title eliminator and if that is the case, I could be fighting for a World title in my next outing. This makes this fight very important and beating this guy will give me recognition.’” Conlan told the Belfast Newsletter.

Parrenas is certainly the toughest fighter Conlan has signed to fight. He boasts 20 knock outs in 23 wins, is a veteran of 29 fights and has on the road experience. Such a challenge however, excites the title hungry 27 year old, who predicts a tough and exciting battle.

“I am excited about the challenge and I was excited when I heard who I was fighting. This guy is ranked highly by all the governing bodies, so to beat him would get me recognition round the world.

“These are the kind of fights you want. I don’t need to have my ego stroked by knocking over some guy.

“This kind of fight is what I have been hoping for and makes you train and work harder,” he added before reflecting on the challenger.

“I watched a wee bit of him and he can punch. He has a higher KO record than me, but I also punch hard, so this could be a test of who has the best chin on the night.

“He looks a wee bit vulnerable but this is going to be a real battle, a war and I am looking forward to it.”.


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