Classy Carl lights up the Ulster Hall

18 September 2010 by Steve Wellings

Barry McGuigans debut promotion got off to a flying start at Belfasts Ulster Hall on Saturday September 18. Unbeaten super-bantamweight Carl Frampton headlined the show in a non-title eight-rounder and recorded a third-round stoppage victory over former three-time European title challenger Yuriy Voronin.

The Odessa native had bags of experience but was facing a hungry challenger intent on pleasing his Tigers Bay following and continuing the march into title contention. Frampton started off using his left jab and right hand to measure the southpaw and it wasnt long before the heavy artillery was landing, despite Voronin trying to work inside. Yuriy was badly hurt as early as the second-round; Framptons combinations were drilling him around the ring, there was no respite and a short right hand put him down and nearly through the ropes. The away corner were busy reading the riot act but the writing was on the wall, how could Voronin survive? The answer was that he couldnt. He was being pummelled across the ring like a rag doll, with punches reigning in through the gloves, from all angles it was becoming a domination. The time was announced as 2:43 of the third-round and Voronin appeared disgruntled at Kenny Pringles intervention. There was no controversy, Frampton never let him off the hook and the power in his punches shook the rafters of the famous old venue.

In chief support Jamie Conlan had a 4x3s assignment against Bulgarian Hyusein Hyuseinov and the Belfast flyweight was determined to impress his vocal following. The four-time Ulster amateur champion is becoming a rounded pro, volleying in the left hooks and right hands as Hyuseinov surveyed the area.

The Bulgarian offered the occasional spit of defiance but it was fast becoming one way traffic as Conlan peppered the body with tasty hooks and his classy right uppercut. Hyuseinov was unhappy when ref Paul McCullagh jumped in at 1:54 of the third-round but it was becoming increasingly one-sided and the away man was announced officially as being in no position to continue.

Quality welterweight Stephen Haughian brought plenty of support from County Armagh when the Irish champion squared off with Birminghams Dee Mitchell.

Haughian immediately took centre ring and pushed out a sharp jab, working the body and looking composed. Mitchell was plodding forward, continuously caught under the spell of Haughians lead left. The West Midlander landed with sporadic right hands but the Lurgan native was doing the better work overall and finding his own right an accurate weapon over Mitchells low left.

Things heated up in the fifth-round as Mitchell landed a right hand-right uppercut combination to have Stephen holding on the ropes. Haughian regrouped in the sixth and used his snappy jab to seal a 59-55 win on Paul McCullaghs card.

Journeyman Matt Scriven doesnt get stopped too often and was expected to provide a stubborn test for Lurgan light-middleweight Ryan Greene. One thing to note is that Greenes power is the real deal. Scriven was dropped heavily in round four by a double right hook and used his ring smarts to last the pace, against heavy fire. Greene looked more composed than in his debut and picked the shots well to keep his man on the running track.

Scriven, from Nottingham, threw the occasional wild right hand to try and offset Ryans rhythm but in the main it was the 26-year-old Greene in full control although he took a couple of left hands throughout the duration. Scriven was in pure survival mode and skipped his way to the finish, conceding a 60-53 verdict on referee Kenny Pringles scorecard.

Coventry super-featherweight Troy James outscored Latvian survivor Pavel Senkovs 60-54 in the opening bout. Smooth mover James used his skills to keep the away man honest and Senkovs suffered a nosebleed in the third-round. Troy worked the body well and Pavel was sagging but too savvy to be stopped.

In the swing bout (that took place after the main event) Walsall light-heavyweight Chris Keane had the task of defeating plucky Tayar Mehmed in a 4x3s test. Keane consistently tagged Mehmeds podgy belly, especially with the right hand. The Midlands stylist is neat and tidy and puts his punches together well, landing with authority. Mehmed did well to last the distance with Keane recording a shutout 40-36 victory.

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