Classic Irish Boxing:Bruno warns Murray against Women

Classic Irish Boxing November 2005
Frank Bruno has told one of Ireland’s biggest boxing prospects to stay away from women.
Cavan lightweight, Andrew Murray, 23, who has a girlfriend, asked the ex-World Heavy Weight Champion what advice he would give to a young pro starting out. And Bruno’s reply was a bit of a shock: “Train hard, sleep with your gloves on – and stay away from women!”

Murray, said: “To be honest it wasn’t what I expected to hear. I am not sure what the girlfirend will say but I’ll let her take it up with Frank!”
“But seriously I can’t tell you how grateful I am for Frank taking the time out to give me some advice.

“He has had the best and worst of times in boxing and his experience is money can’t buy stuff.”

Now based in St Albans, England, Murray, who has won his first two pro fights, met Bruno in nearby Watford as he promoted his new book. Still recovering from a well-documented break down, Bruno explained that having a bit of character is as important as being a good fighter.

He said: “You have to market yourself. You have to have some kind of character. Give people something different, you what I mean?”

Recently voted Ireland’s Best Prospect, Murray is out again on the Mayfair Sporting Club bill at the Café Royal in London on November 17 against an opponent yet to be confirmed.He shouldn’t have too many worries, though, according to Bruno: “Anybody who comes out of Ireland is tough.”


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