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Clash of the Titans – LIVE UNDERCARD UPDATES

We are ringside and ready to go for one of the biggest pro boxing shows in Dublin in many a year.

16 fights will take place tonight at the National Stadium on the ‘Clash of the Titans’ card.

The TG4 cameras will be rolling soon with 11 of the 16 fights set to shown live.

However, for the five early fights – and all the rest of the undercard – Irish-Boxing.com will be here to give you round-by-round updates.

The running order for the night can be seen here.

Action is due to begin at 4:10pm and each and every undercard bout will be reported below, with full on-the-bell fight reports to be posted following the Victor Rabei v Jake Hanney chief support and Eric Donovan v Stephen McAfee main event.

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Keep refreshing page to see live updates.

9:34pm – And that’s us for the night. Time for the main event bouts. Stay tuned for on-the-bell reports.

9:33pm – 40-36 for Phelan. Ireland’s youngest female pro is up and running

Round 4 – Phelan trying for the stoppage but, with two minute rounds and a negative foe, it didn’t come but she has won every second here.

Round 3 – Phelan starting to show a bit more variety. Good stuff from her so far.

Round 2 – Non-stop punching from Phelan but Antonik is not budging yet.

Round 1 – Phelan starts aggressively and Antonik seems a bit shell-shocked but the Pole is crafty and is able to tie the young lilywhite up.

9:17pm – And now it’s time for Phelan’s younger sister’s debut. 18-year-old Katelynn boxes over four versus Poland’s Monika Antonik.

Round 6 – Metcalfe looked to be having a resurgence but is put down by a big left hook from Phelan. He’s up, they trade wildly, short right counter puts Metcalfe down again, towel comes in, ALLAN PHELAN WINS.

Round 5 – Phelan continues to be the aggressor, landing heavy shots that outnumber the sharp counters coming from a gritty Metcalfe.

Round 4 – Patient work from Phelan, looking to break down Metcalfe with 1-2s but the Dubliner is refusing to yield and lands with more right hands off the ropes.

Round 3 – Big shots to start the round from Phelan but he is cut on the right brow. Metcalfe is standing and trading and now his nose is bloodied. Metcalfe is fading as Phelan attacks the body, HUGE right hand of the ropes from Metcale, what a round!

Round 2 – HUGE counter right hand from Metcalfe dislodges the mouthpiece of Phelan who comes into the round more as it goes on, trying to rough up the Crumlin fighter… and a BIG right hand from Phelan to close the round.

Round 1 – Aiden Metcalfe looking VERY sharp. A different fighter to what we’ve seen before. Phelan swinging big but can’t get in range yet.

8:39pm – The TV cameras are live and we are ready for the first title of the night. Aiden Metcalfe v Allan Phelan for the vacant BUI Celtic super featherweight title. Phelan overweight yesterday by half a pound so the belt is only on the line for Metcalfe.

8:19pm – MARTIN QUINN GETS IT. 59-55. Was not expecting that score!

Round 6 – They trade on the ropes at the start of the final round and QUINN IS HURT. Luzoho looks like he has him going but the gritty Crumlin man digs in, getting stronger as the round goes on and we see the final bell.

Round 5 – Luzoho continues his good work but the rugged Quinn enjoys a mid-rounds rival and is able to drag the St Michael’s man into a brawl – well, even more of a brawl…

Round 4 – Luzoho starts fast and is boxing well as the pace slows, picking his shots. Quinn looks tired but is still in there throwing.

Round 3 – It’s a furious start to the third, the pair trading clean shots. Luzoho’s handspeed is the difference here but his output drops slightly as the round goes on – much to coach Steven O’Rourke’s annoyance.

Round 2 – It’s slower, momentarily, before Luzoho resumes landing fast right hands. Quinn going to the body and, for a split-second, looks to have hurt the Congo-born man but it’s just some play-acting from Luzoho who fires back and hitting home with a LOT of leather before a steely staredown at the bell.

Round 1 – Luzoho has The Undertaker music, rappers, masks, severed heads, masks, everything, for his walk-on, and looks sharp from the off once we eventually get going, landing right hands. Quinn fighting furiously to keep Luzoho off him but it’s the Blanch man that takes the first.

7:47pm – And the all-Irish fights keep coming. Time for Martin Quinn v Francy Luzoho at light welter. Another six-round war.

7:45pm – 58-55 to Graham McCormack. That was entertaining,

Round 6 – Exhilarating in the final round. McCormack trades with Karam and gets his hook off first, the Beirut Rebel is staggered, McCormack goes in for the finish but Karam survives – and lands some big shots of his own but ‘The G-Train is able to wear them and we go the distance.

Round 5 – Implored to box by Eddie Hyland in the corner, McCormack finally started to show his superiority in the fifth. Keeping things at the end of his long levers and catching and countering well, McCormack goes into the final round needing to stay on his feet to win.

Round 4 – A fantastic fourth saw the pair trade on the ropes at the close. This proceeded a round where the play-acting Karam managed to goad McCormack, who was showing quality flurries, into a fight, catching him with another big left hook.

Round 3 – McCormack is down! Wild hook out of a crouch catches him off balance. He’s up quickly and, after an initial barrage, is doing well before he is clocked with a HUGE right. We have a fight!

Round 2 – Another quick start from McCormack and he threatens a stoppage but Karam swings a few back in retaliation. The adopted Rebel is lunging in with wild shots but the longer McCormack is boxing well and staying largely out of trouble.

Round 1 – McCormack starts well here and is targeting the body of Karam. The South African looks bothered and is blowing early but there are still big shots coming back from him.

7:16pm – And now time for the first domestic of the night – Graham McCormack v Jade Karam over six at light middle. McCormack has the southpaw skills but Karam has power undoubtedly.

7:13pm – Bit of a delay but we finally get Ó Reachtagain’s card – 79-74 to Dylan Moran who improves to 10(5)-0.

Round 8 – Moran pushes for the stoppage and enjoys a good final round but Mizsei is going nowhere. We go to the cards.

Round 7 – Oh, wait, a seventh round. Confusion here but, after a pause, we go ahead. Pace has slowed massively, understandably, and now, really, we go into the final round.

Round 6 – Round announced as the final round – must be a change to the schedule. Moran continues to press, picking some nice shots as Mizsei pops off counters. Possibly the closest stanza but this should be the Irishman’s fight.

Round 5 – Moran bleeding quite heavily from the nose but is unperturbed, pushing Mizsei back. The Magyar, though, is crafty and slipping a lot of shots.

Round 4 – Back permanently to the ropes, Mizsei is whipping in nice counters but Moran continues to drive forward. Fantastic work-rate.

Round 3 – Moran starting to pick his shots more as he keeps the pressure on. Knocked Mizsei’s head back a fair few times in the third.

Round 2 – The pair trade clean shots in the corner. Moran being given a good workout here. He’s keeping the pace up, though.

Round 1 – Southpaw Moran bulling forward, pinning Mizsei to the ropes. The Hungarian does land a couple of sharp counters in an entertaining opener but is being thoroughly outworked by his buzzsaw Déise opponent.

6:36pm – Dylan Moran time. The Waterford welter takes on Gyorgy Mizsei Jr over eight rounds. Toughest match to date against a tricky former EU champion.

6:35pm – 40-36 Owen Duffy who moves to 4(2)-1(0).

Round 4 – Vari shows a bit more in the final round but it’s still one-way traffic. Easy win for Owen Duffy.

Round 3 – Duffy trying everything to make a dent. Vari’s gumshield is punched out a number of times.

Round 2 – Aggressive from Duffy. Vari showing absolutely nothing. Target practice here.

Round 1 – Duffy starts very fast, attacking the body of his Czech opponent.

6:15pm – Fight #8 – Owen Duffy v Gergo Vari over four at light middle. Duffy looking to bounce back from a loss to Jake Best earlier this month.

Round 1 – McDonald’s sons Jayden and Carl Jr walk him to his ring, carrying his BUI Celtic and Irish titles, adorable stuff. It’s a lot less adorable from McDonald once the fight begins, tearing into Botos and dropping him with a perfect bodyshot that sees the Pole counted out. KO1 Carl McDonald!

6:07pm – Fight #7 – Carl McDonald v David Botos – 4×3 mins. ‘The Cobra’ looking to get back to winning ways following his controversial defeat to Iain Butcher last week.

6:06pm – Sam Carroll takes it 40-36. Impressive little fighter.

Round 4 – Very good final round from Sam Carroll, nice range of shots to round out the fight. Upped the pace well.

Round 3 – Sam Carroll turning the screw here in the third as Jaworek hangs on, throwing the odd wild shot.

Round 2 – Some nice sneaky uppercuts from Carroll who looks a good technical boxer. Jaworek giving him nothing though.

Round 1 – Carroll showing some fast hands but is frustrated by Jaworek’s constant holding, throwing him to the canvas twice for which he is given a stern warning.

5:46pm – We keep going and another pro debut. Bray super bantam Sam Carroll versus awkward Pole Kamil Jaworek over four.

Round 4 – The Perfect Debut. Cronin lands a short uppercut that takes away Lisiak’s legs. The Pole backpedals and is sent down by a flurry. Rises unsteadily. David Irvine waves it off. TKO4 CRONIN!

Round 3 – Competitive in the third, Cronin being given a good work-out by Lisiak who is not afraid to throw shots.

Round 2 – Lisiak is game but Cronin is showing a lot here. Slows the pace in the second and picks his shots very well.

Round 1 – Cronin has power. Some long right hands jolt the head of Lisiak back in the opener.

5:29pm – Fight #5 and our first professional debut. Kerry’s Kevin Cronin in at light heavyweight. Four rounder versus Pole Mateusz Lisiak. He has brought a crowd from the Kingdom.

5:27pm – 40-37 to Siobhan O’Leary. A really, really good learning fight.

Round 4 – WAR in the final round. O’Leary is tired and Libiszewska is pushing hard but there’s spurts of quality form the Kerry woman to keep her off and see us to the scorecard.

Round 3 – What a fight this is. Libiszewska is bloodied but just keeps coming forward. Some huge shots being traded.

Round 2 – O’Leary’s jab is a great weapon, like a backhand. Nearly takes the visitor’s head off but Bojana comes back with some huge right overhands. O’Leary showing she has a chin as well as power.

Round 1 – Good first. O’Leary has obvious power with her long straight shots. Just missing with the left hook while Libiszewska is catching her with a few counter lefts of her own.

5:11pm – Good fight here now. Siobhan O’Leary v Bojana Libiszewska over four at super feather. The Pole has only been stopped by Chantelle Cameron and Natasha Jonas.

Round 1 – Fast start from McCarthy who is punishing Racs to the body. The Hungarian is not looking in good shape and slumps to the canvas and is counted out. KO Craig McCarthy – his first – and he improves to 6(1)-0.

5:03pm – Next up is Waterford’s Craig McCarthy v Akos Racs. 4 x 3 at super middle.

Round 1 – McMahon has Salamancha down hard with a left hook to the liver in the opener. The visitor is up but wants nothiing to do with ‘The Iceman’. Right hand has him down again. Salamancha is up, just, but a barrage from McMahon forces the stoppage, Pádraig Ó Reachtagain waving it off after 2-36. He improves to 6(3)-0.

4:55pm – Next up – Keane McMahon v Jan Salamancha over four at welterweight. McMahon warming up for his BUI Celtic title with Dean Sutherland in Aberdeen in May.

4:53pm – Emile Tiedt sees this 40-36 in favour of Belujsky who moves to 7(6)-2(0)-1.

Round 4 – They trade left hooks and Belujsky has Ciach hurt badly. The Pole is stumbling all over the ring but Belujsky, bleeding from over the left eye, can’t get him out of there and we go to the cards.

Round 3 – Belujsky stepping it up in the third, has Ciach wobbled with a few long rights. Can he get the stoppage?

Round 2 – Belujsky obviously looking to work on things, taking his time, trying to get the left hook off.

Round 1 – Belujsky assaulting the body. Back in the ring just 8 days after his game showing versus former Commonwealth champ David Brophy. Has Ciach bothered with some big right hands late on.

4:35pm – Finallhy ready to go! Big Bad Vlad in the ring now.

4:10pm – Slight delay to the starting of the untelevised undercard here. Vladimir Belujsky v Michal Ciach, four rounds at super middleweight, up soon to get us up and running.


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