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Chris Eubank Jr: I want ‘bums’ Spike and Collins Jr and then challenge Saunders

CHRIS Eubank Jr called out two Irish fighters after minutes after he Ivan Jukic.

The controversial son of British Boxing legend Chris Eubank recorded a first round stoppage to push his record to 17-0 and wants Cork’s Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan and Dublin’s Steve Collins Jr to be his 18 and 19 victims.

‘Spike’, who fights Anthony Fitzgerald in an Irish grudge match on August 30 has been actively seeking a Eubank dust up. The former Irish champion was offered the chance to fight the undefeated middleweight tonight( 26/07/2014) but had already accepted the Fitzgerald fight, which plays out on the undercard of Matthew Macklin’s Dublin return.

O’Sullivan quickly revealed he would take on Eubank after his National Stadium bout and it seems the 24 year is willing to oblige.

Eubank also name dropped the son of his fathers former nemesis  Steve Collins Jr.

A fight with Collins Jr, whose father deposed Eubank Sr of his WBO super middleweight title, is unlikely however, considering the fight novice and pro rugby player is injured.

Speaking after his fight Eubank told the Boxnation cameras.

“I am ready for a step up, but now is the time to fight some of these guys that have been looking to fight me.  I am talking about Spike O’Sullivan.. and even Steve Collins Jr. People are talking about history repeating itself, but that wouldn’t happen. I know some of these guys are bigger than me, but I don’t need to be at their weight to take out these guys.

“These are the guys I want and then I want average Joe Saunders. I will fight these bums, one every month, walk through them and then fight Saunders.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years