Chris Eubank is the ‘real deal’ and can cause GGG trouble says Spike

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Don’t read too much into the kiss they shared, Spike O’Sullivan doesn’t like Chris Eubank Jr.

The Kiss
The Kiss

However, while the Cork fighter, who returns from his December defeat to the British champion in America at the end of this month, isn’t a fan of brand Eubank – he admits that the Brighton puncher is the ‘real deal’.

Indeed, such is Jr’s talent, he can give the beast that is Gennady Golovkin trouble according to Spike.

The son of British fight legend Chris Eubank Jr has been calling for a fight with the much-avoided star, and looks set to have talked himself into a massive World title fight.

Some have criticised the British champ for chasing a clash with the destructive puncher, but O’Sullivan, who himself is not shy of a call out, admires the ‘bravery’ of his former foe.

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Speaking to about a possible GGG and Eubank Jr clash ‘Spike’ spoke rather glowingly about the man who recently defeated him.

“I suppose he deserves it, he won his last three fights in convincing fashion. He stopped myself, he stopped Blackwell, and Doran. That is pretty impressive.

“I think he can give Golovkin trouble to be honest. I think he is freakishly fit, His chin? I don’t know because I don’t think I ever caught him square on the chin. I think I caught him around the nose and mouth area, but I didn’t get to twist his neck.

“He did take some shots and he is tough and game. He wants it too I like that desire. You have to say he is the real deal, I still don’t like him though!”


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