CHIN CHECKER – Carl Frampton details knockdown history amidst Warrington stoppage talk

Carl Frampton does not appreciate Josh Warrington’s prediction that he will stop ‘The Jackal’ on December 22nd.

The IBF featherweight champion defends his belt for the first time at the Manchester Arena, taking on Frampton in a voluntary.

While not a noted puncher – with just six knockouts from 27 fights – Warrington believes he can outwork and outlast his Belfast opponent and stop him late.

In a press release sent out by Frank Warren, promoter of both fighters, the unbeaten Englishman outlined his belief that he can score a stoppage over Frampton

The Leeds puncher noted that “I don’t like making predictions and I see a Josh Warrington win, but I am going to go for a stoppage this time. If I see it I am going to go for it.

“I think the fight might change patterns in terms of feeling each other out and being edgy, then busy in spells, but I can see nothing else than me taking over from the second half.”

Frampton [26(15)-1(0)] responded quickly, via social media, and has now poured further scorn over the assertions

“I have a good chin, I can say that confidently, I have a very solid chin and Josh Warrington doesn’t punch hard enough to be able to stop me,” the former two-weight champion stressed.

“I don’t know why he said it. It’s a strange comment to make. Everyone knows he’s not the biggest puncher. I don’t even think he believes it. ”

“There is not a chance in hell that he can knock me out. I can be pretty close to absolutely certain saying that.”

Frampton would go on to detail every time he has been hurt in the ring and admits that “I’ve been dropped before and I’ll be honest about all of those times.”

“I was dropped twice [by Alejandro Gonzalez Jr] in El Paso and everyone seen because it was live on ITV! Gonzalez Je fought me at the end of my super-bantamweight spell and I didn’t even think I was going to make weight.”

“Stevie Bell dropped me two days in a row with body shots in 2009.”

“John Simpson, a touch down, my glove touched the ground he hit me a good shot and I touched down.”

“Conor Ahern on the Irish High Performance Team when I was a flyweight, he was a flyweight, I was hurt bad. He hit me right in the chin and I just stood right in front of him, I don’t know what happened, it’s boxing, sometimes you get hurt”

“I’m being honest about that. The thing is, Warrington doesn’t punch like those guys. This is boxing and sometimes you get hurt.”

The Ahern revelation would look to be the only ‘new’ information here – with the Simpson and Bell knockdowns having been discussed before Frampton’s super bantamweight clash with Scott Quigg in 2016 and the Gonzalez knockdowns, as mentioned, being shown live on television.

Frampton does not include Choi Tseveenpürev or Kiko Martinez as being fighters that have hurt him.

The straight-talking puncher has stated before that Mongolian Tseveenpürev is the hardest hitter he had sparred while also describing Spaniard Martinez as the biggest puncher he shared a competitive ring with.

The Quigg clash, Frampton’s last pay-per-view bout and last fight at the Manchester Arena, saw him ship a huge shot in the eleventh round that many felt he was hurt from. However, the fighter himself would insist afterwards that he was unbothered.

Also not included is Mexican Horacio Garcia who scored a knockdown versus Frampton last year but, while a punch did land, there was no major force involved and some faulty footwear was more to blame.


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