Cheating Tricks in Card Games that You Should Know

Cards games are exciting to play, but they are also prone to cheating. In professional gambling, cheating is not acceptable. This is because you end winning a lot of money through unethical means, which is regarded as stealing. 

However, cheating might not be a big deal when playing for fun against your relatives or friends at home, especially during the holidays. You get to show them what a pro you have become over the short period you have been away. 

Whether you are a professional player or play card games for fun, it is good to know the tricks used by gamblers. You can then use the knowledge to your advantage or use it to avoid getting cheated by other players. Here are the two commonly used tricks.  

Marked Cards 

The use of marked cards is popular across the world. It is used in the professional world and also by gamblers playing for fun against their friends or family members. But how are marked cards used for cheating?

The cards are marked with an ink that is invisible to the naked eye. The marking can be on the side or the back of the card. Because the ink is invisible, special devices are needed to read each of the markings.  

When playing with cards with markings on the back, cheaters use special sunglasses or infrared contact lenses. The devices allow them to read all the cards placed on the table and those on the opponents’ hands while the rest are trying to guess the cards. 

Cards with markings on the sides have barcodes on the edges that cannot be interpreted easily. Therefore, they require devices called poker analyzers that can scan and analyze the information on the markings.

Therefore, the next time you want to play poker, find out whether the cards are marked before proceeding. This is among the reasons you should only play card games in reliable casinos instead of underground rings. However, if you are planning on playing against your friends for fun, you can get the cards at the marked cards shop together with the required devices. 

Swapping Cards 

Swapping cards is another common trick and one of the oldest since it does not require the use of advanced devices like marked cards. This type of cheating is common among friends playing for fun and also in underground casinos. 

A gambler using this trick has hidden cards that they swap with those given by the dealer. This helps them get the perfect cards on their hands each time they are playing. Thus, they are more likely to win many times compared to the rest of the players.   


Cheating is common in card games played in physical casinos or at home. The popular tricks used are marked cards and the swapping of cards. You can also try these tricks on your friends by buying cards with invisible ink from Marked Card Shop or getting an extra pair of cards. 


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