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Celtic Box Cup 2016 Finals Results

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61 champions were crowned yesterday at the third annual Celtic Box Cup in Dungarvan, Waterford which featured teams from Ireland, England, Portugal, and Australia.

The winners included the likes of World Championships silver medalist Kelly Harrington, European Youth gold medalist Amy Broadhurst, and upcoming World University Championships competitor Kenny Okungbowa.

The full list of results are:
Male Elite – 52kg
Tyler Blizzard (Boxing Queensland) 3 vs 0 Liam Etheridge (Pleck Boxing Club)

Male Elite – 56kg
Myles Casey (St Francis BC) 3 vs 0 Tiago Miguel Lopes (João Faleiro Boxing Club)

Male Elite – 60kg
Pat Mongan (Olympic Boxing Club) WALKOVER

Male Elite – 64kg
Andrew Hunt (Boxing Queensland) 2 vs 1 Martin McDonagh (Rumbles Boxing Academy)

Male Elite – 69kg
Michael Bustard (Monkstown Antrim) 3 vs 0 Zohaib Hanif (Pleck Boxing Club)

Male Elite – 75kg
Honi Huni (Boxing Queensland) 3 vs 0 Bruno Pereira (Clube Águias de Camarate)

Male Elite – 81kg
Tony Browne (St Michaels BC Dublin) 2 vs 1 Jack Bowen (Boxing Queensland)

Male Elite – 91kg
Kenny Okungbowa (Athlone Boxing Club) 3 vs 0 Brock Shelley (Boxing Queensland)

Female Elite – 51kg
Kristina O’Hara (St John Bosco ABC) 3 vs 0 Donna Barr (Twin Towns BC)

Female Elite – 54kg
Taylah Robertson (Boxing Queensland) 3 vs 0 Elaine Harrison (Ardnaree Boxing Club)

Female Elite – 57kg
Eftychia Kathopouli (Glenrothes Boxing Club) 2 vs 1 Anelle Massey (Rumbles Boxing Academy)

Female Elite – 60kg
Amy Broadhurst (Islington Boxing Club) 3 vs 0 Joanne Lambe (Carrickmacross BC)

Female Elite – 64kg
Kelly Harrington (Glasnevin) 2 vs 1 Skye Nicolson (Boxing Queensland)

Female Elite – 69kg
Hannah Shield (North Shields) 3 vs 0 Lisa Browne (Eagle Boxing Club)

Senior A – 56kg
Masoud Abdolkarini (Birmingham City ABC) TKO vs Dayle Nolan (Sacre Coeur)

Senior A – 60kg
Frankie Cleary (Olympic Boxing Club) KO vs Rui Barros (SC de Portugal_

Senior A – 64kg
José Semedo (SC de Portugal) 2 vs 1 Thomas Myers (Sligo City Boxing Club)

Senior A – 69kg
Mark McCole (Dungloe Boxing Club) 3 vs 0 Jake Demmery (Downend Police ABC)

Senior A – 75kg – Group A
Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) 2 vs 1 Shane Egan (Defence Forces)

Senior A – 75kg – Group B
Darragh Power (Dungarvan BC) 3 vs 0 George Harvey (Rumbles Boxing Academy)

Senior A – 81kg
Paul Kelly (Twin Towns BC) 2 vs 1 James Daly (St Annes Westport)

Senior A – 91kg
Cormac Long (Rathkeale BC) 3 vs 0 Patrick Joseph Ward (Leo’s Boxing Club)

Senior A – 91+kg
Steve Heywood (McGarrys Gym) 3 vs 0 Paul O’Rourke (Borough BC)

Female A – 54kg
Shakira Coonghe (Douglas) 3 vs 0 Mandy Loughlin (Glasnevin)

Female A – 60kg
Kellie McLoughlin (Drimnagh) 3 vs 0 Nicole Moorehouse (Clonard BC)

Senior B – 56kg
Tommy Casey (St Francis BC) 3 vs 0 David Reid (Elgin BC)

Senior B – 60kg
Stewart Crawford (Monkstown Antrim) 3 vs 0 Louis Theedom (Essex University)

Senior B – 64kg
Stephen McAfee (Monkstown BC) 3 vs 0 Jack Higgins (Ballynacargy Boxing Club)

Senior B – 69kg – Group A
Paddy McGee (Carrickmore ABC) 3 vs 0 Foad Baghban (Dunboyne BC)

Senior B – 69kg – Group B
Daryl Clarke (Monkstown Antrim) 2 vs 1 Dylan Phipps (Glasnevin)

Senior B – 75kg – Group A
Niall Scully (Dunboyne BC) 3 vs 0 Martin O’Donnell (Neilstown Boxing Club)

Senior B – 75kg – Group B
Kelyn Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) 3 vs 0 Aaron Sheils (Dungarvan BC)

Senior B – 81kg
Pearse McDonnell (Defence Forces) 3 vs 0 Joe Hirst (Celtic Eagles)

Senior B – 91kg
Phillip Hickey (Paulstown BC) 3 vs 0 Jake Kelly (Togher BC)

Senior B – 91+kg
Vytautus Jakonis (St Michaels New Ross) 3 vs 0 Mak Macintosh (Cheltenham KO BA)

Female B – 48kg
Carol Coughlan (Monkstown BC) 2 vs 1 Emma McCulloch (Glenrothes Boxing Club)

Female B – 51kg
Nicole Goldsmith-Ryan (O’Dells CP ABC) 2 vs 1 Louise Welsh (Holy Trinity Belfast)

Female B – 57kg
Marta Fragoso (João Faleiro Boxing Club) 2 vs 1 Amanda Coughlan (Paulstown BC)

Female B – 64kg
Denise Moran (St Michaels New Ross) 3 vs 0 Siobhan O’Leary (Corpus Christi)

Female B – 69kg
Kerry Davis (Cheltenham KO BA) 3 vs 0 Nadia Chodukiewicz (Glasnevin)

Female B – 75kg
Shauna Kearney (Whitechurch BC) WALKOVER

Female B – 81kg
Ciara Mulcahy (Dungarvan BC) WALKOVER

Male Youth A – 49kg
Jordan Leahy (Urlingford BC) WALKOVER

Male Youth A – 52kg
Davin Duggan (Dungarvan BC) 2 vs 1 Mark Corcoran (Corinthians BC)

Male Youth A – 56kg
Shane Flavin (Paulstown BC) 3 vs 0 Jack Kelly (Cherry Orchard)

Male Youth A – 60kg
Matthew McCole (Dungloe Boxing Club) 3 vs 0 Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh)

Male Youth A – 64kg
Conor Ivors (Thurles BC) 3 vs 0 Eric Nash (Ardnaree Boxing Club)

Male Youth A – 69kg
Jordan Myers (Sligo City Boxing Club) 2 vs 1 Jordan Meredith (Glasnevin)

Male Youth A – 75kg
Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow BC) WALKOVER

Female Youth A – 48kg
Megan Flynn (Cherry Orchard) 3 vs 0 Chloe O’Keeffe (Kanturk Boxing Club)

Female Youth A – 51kg
Kelsey Leonard (Curragh ABC) 2 vs 1 Shauna Blaney (Navan BC)

Female Youth A – 57kg
Labhaoise Clarke (Carndonagh) WALKOVER

Female Youth A – 64kg
Kendall Byrnes (Boxing Queensland) 2 vs 1 Katelynn Phelan (St Brigids BC)

Male Youth B – 56kg
Odhrán Mac Ruairí (Dungloe Boxing Club) WALKOVER

Male Youth B – 60kg
Kieran Boylan (Saviours Crystal) 3 vs 0 Ian Kelleher (Togher BC)

Male Youth B – 64kg
Daryl Dunne (Downend Police ABC) 3 vs 0 Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh)

Male Youth B – 69kg
Cianan Folan (Small Heath BC) TKOI vs Darren Clarke (Neilstown Boxing Club)

Male Youth B – 75kg
Reece Donovan (Togher BC) 3 vs 0 Reese Kelly (Wicklow)

Male Youth B – 91kg
Paul Mc Cullagh (St John Bosco ABC) 3 vs 0 Sam Nolan (Luton Shamrock BC)

Female Youth B – 57kg
Chloe Gaynor (Rumbles Boxing Academy) 2 vs 1 Michelle McMeel (Clonmel BC)

Female Youth B – 64kg
Kayleigh Woods (St Brigids BC) 3 vs 0 Nicole Flourentzou (Downend Police ABC)

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