Cazares: If Frampton comes out to please his fans I will send them home disapointed

HUGO Cazares hopes world title contender Carl Frampton comes to please his fight fans on Friday so he can send them home disappointed.

‘The Jackal’ welcomed Cazares willingness to trade leather claims at Wednesday’s final press conference and stressed if the Mexican lives up to his word and adopts a war approach fans will be able to rejoice in both an entertaining fight and a Frampton win.

However, the experienced and well traveled former two weight world champion is adamant if the former European Champion stands in the middle of the ring and trades shots it will play into his hands.

Cazares told the Cyclone Promotions star that he is in Belfast to fight and win.

“I have seen a couple of his fights,” said Cazares. “He says he wants to stand and fight and that suits me. I am hear to fight. I hope he tried to please his fans because that suits me. That’s my fight.I am hear to fight.

“The fact he is unbeaten doesn’t intimidate me at all. In fact it’s the total opposite. Experience is more important that any record. It is only logical that the crowd will be shouting for Carl. If we were in Mexico it would be the other way round. Inside the ring it is just the two of us.”

Cazares declaration of seemed to please the Irish Fighter of Year and he predicts he will be too fit and strong for the 35 year old.

Indeed the undefeated puncher believes he can become the first man to stop Cazares since his last stoopagewnreversenin 1999.

“I am ready to fight for 12 rounds flat out at a very high pace. If Hugo comes to stand and trade in the centre of the ring that will suit me. It will also be good for the crowd if he does that. It seems that is more or less on the cards and it will be blood and guts. I think it will be very exciting.

“I don’t think so,” Frampton said when asked if he tought the fight would go the distance.  “I won’t make a prediction beyond I am going to win, but Hugo hasn’t been stopped since 1999 so if I manage to stop him that will be a massive statement.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years