Casey: Rigo has nowhere to hide

2 March 2011

Willie Casey claims its fitting Guillermo Rigondeaux is co-promoted by NoWhere2Hyde Promotions because that is exactly what the evasive Cuban will have when the pair meet in the ring in City West on March 19.

The Cubans Cork based manager, Gary Hyde stressed the Limerick native was tailor made for Rigondeaux and will make the champ look good in their WBA interim World title clash.

But Casey, who claims he is in the best condition of his life, is confident he can hunt down the elusive genius and hurt him, as he bids to claim the belt that once sat proudly around Bernard Dunnes waist. Big Bang warned Rigondeaux he can run but he cant hide and paraphrased one of the greatest of all time, Mike Tyson when claiming running may prevent the reigning Champ from getting too hurt but it wont win him the fight. Speaking at the official launch of an under-card, which includes Ian Tims v Micheal Sweeney and Anto Fitzgeralds EBA tilt, the inspirational super bantamweight also stressed the pressure to perform is on his opponent.

Rigondeaux is co-promoted by NoWhere2Hyde for this fight and that is exactly what he will have on March 19. He doesnt like getting hit not just because it hurts, but because he prides himself on the fact he is so elusive and technical. He is always on the move but we will see how far and fast he can run after a couple of rounds. Mike Tyson told the first opponent that lasted the distance with him that you cant win a fight by running away. It will be the same for Rigo. He has a lot to prove to his fans. They were not too impressed with him against Cordoba and he has a big reputation. There is pressure on him and if I bring my A game March 19 I will be keeping that belt in Ireland.

30 year old Rigondeaux, who three time amateur world champion Katie Taylor labelled a ghost after she sparred him, is clear favourite going into the bout. Despite being a seven fight pro novice the two time Olympic medallist is deemed a step to far for Big Bang, who has literally exploded onto the boxing scene, achieving in two years what it takes others an entire career to accomplish. However, Casey agrees with what Freddie Roach exclusively told Mirror Sport last week and stressed the Cuban is readable and subsequently beatable.

The Southhill Southpaw, who wants to sting for charity sponsors Bee for Battens, claims whilst he is changing and improving in every fight, Rigondeaux is a one trick pony and only excels in counter punching.

I saw what Freddie said and I said the exact same thing if you go back to his amateur career there is no difference in his style from when he won the Olympics and now. He is the same fighter. He throws the same shots and he is really readable and that makes him beatable. Come March 19 it will only be the two of us in the ring. I will be well prepared to take what he has to offer and match it. I have put the hard training in and my body is rock solid. I put my body beyond normal human endurance levels and I have got the sparring I need.

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