Casey on a Hy after signing new contract

June 8 Jonny Stapleton


Willie Casey is delighted to have settled his affairs out of the ring so he can focus on thoose within it.

Pic Russell Pritchard: Casey wants to relive winning the European title

Casey entered a form of boxing limbo with his career directly affected as his promoters Dolphil struggled.

Now having eventually parted company with the team who promoted his November world title fight  Big Bang has signed a managerial deal with Gary Hyde the manager of Casey’s world title rival Guillermo Rigondeaux.

The pint sized banger is relieved to have his future mapped out and delighted he can now divert his full attention to affairs within the ring and winning fights.

Casey says his sole focus is now on his September 3 comeback, putting the Rigondeaux defeat behind him and getting back on the European title trail.

“I actually feel a bit relieved. it’s a weight of my shoulders. I can focus now on what I do best fighting. I am back out on September 3 in my home town of Limerick and now I have a date I can start to get ready. I had to think about my family boxing is my livelihood and now I can get back to work,” Casey told before claiming he doesn’t want an easy return fight.

“I can’t wait to get back in the ring. We are looking at two opponents already. I told Gary I don’t want a handy comeback fight. I don’t want to be able to blow this lad away in a round. I want a challenge. If I catch him flush and he is out quick so be it, but I don’t want a challenger who doesn’t want to fight and try and beat me.”

Considering his fight credentials, his fan across the board and his high European ranking, Casey signature was much sought after. However, somewhat surprisingly the man that was involved in his first career defeat and plotted his world title downfall won the race to tie the all action star down.

The Southill slugger claims Hyde’s enthusiasm as well as the fact he was offering three fights before Christmas ensured he remained in pole come chequered flag time.

Big Bang stressed the fact the Nowwhere2hyde boss is old adversary Rigondeaux’s manager played no part in his decision, claiming the Cuban sensation’s name didn’t even come up.

Hyde’s claims he could take the super bantamweight to fights against the best in world despite witnessing him suffer the worst form of defeat first hand in City West meant a lot to Casey.

“Gary showed a lot of interest. He was really eager to work with me and he wanted to get me moving. He showed desire and passion about getting me back to the top of boxing. I didn’t want to sit around. We are looking three fights and then getting back the European belt. Maybe this time next year we could be fighting a world contender or champion,” Casey explained.

“Rigo didn’t come up at all. The fact he will be in my camp now didn’t affect my decision in everyway. The fact Gary wanted to sign me despite seeing what Rigo did to means something to me and gives me confidence.”

Pic Sharon Flanagan- Rigondeaux wasn't mentioned in contract talks

Paulie Hyland recently talked about his relief of putting his European title defeat to Casey behind him and how important his win on June 25 was.

Casey, who was very complimentary to Dolphil for the role they played in his rise, already claims he is over the Rigondeaux reverse, but revealed he can’t wait to get in the ring regardless and is planning a September 3 home town victory.

“I feel I am over the Rigondeaux defeat. Everyone is saying I won’t be truly over it till I get a win under the belt. I can’t wait to win regardless. I just can’t wait to get back in the ring. I can’t wait to train hard and get back into preparing for fights.”


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