Casey confident of upset

9 January 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Willie Casey agrees with WBA interim super bantamweight world champion Guillermo Rigondeauxs taunts that the Limerick man isnt worthy of sharing a ring with the Cuban sensation at present.

However the European champ is adamant by the time the pair trade leather on March 19 he wont just be ready to face the two time Olympic gold medallist he will be prepared to knock him out.

Speaking exclusively to Mirror Sport during his first day back training underdog Casey claimed he will be animalistic when he steps in the ring against the Gary Hyde managed star and promised to rip Rigondeaux apart.

Big Bang is predicting fireworks during the City West hosted World title fight and believes there is every chance he can upgrade from European to World champion in his just his twelfth pro fight.

Irish boxings answer to The Cinderella Man is planning a happy ending to his fairy tale style rise from fighting rags to riches. The Southhill slugger wants to show the man renowned as the greatest amateur of all time what it is like to be hit without head gear as he attempts to claim the belt previously owned by Bernard Dunne.

He has been saying we dont belong in the same ring and that he is different class than me. He says he is too talented and skilful for me and to be honest he is right. I am not prepared as you talk to me now, but I will be ready. He better believe I will be ready come March 19 and he will know he is in a fight, Casey said after his first session back in what is now a talent packed Crumlin gym.

I wont allow him to do what he is good at. When I get him in the ring I will show him the difference between fighting an amateur and a professional. He said I suit him because I come forward but he suits me because I love to hunt fighters down. He wont be hitting and moving he will be running away. He wouldnt have been in with a banger like me. I am a different person when I get in the ring. I will be animal against him but I will be a clever smart animal. I plan to hurt him and I plan to knock him out and rip him apart.

Casey admits Rigondeaux, who also captured a pair of World Championship titles during his incredible 243-4 amateur career, is favourite going into the biggest fight Ireland has seen since Bernard Dunne/ Ricardo Cordoba, but stressed the Cuban will at the very least have to earn his substantial pay day.

He is still living in the amateur world if he thinks he can win this fight in four rounds. After five rounds with me he will be shock. They are talking about Rigo being in the top five in world. He came here because he couldnt get an opponent to challenge him. Fighters are running a mile from him but not me. I will to cease the opportunity and do all I can to get the World title for Ireland. He thinks he is getting a handy defence but he will have a different opinion as soon as hit him. I am back training today I left the next 10 weeks it will be Rigo in my head. The more I train the more confidence I get and the more faith I will have that I can do it.

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