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Carl Frampton hits out at “arrogant” Josh Warrington

There big world title fight is approaching and tempers are starting to fray between Carl Frampton and Josh Warrington.

The Belfast featherweight challenges for Warrington’s IBF title at the Manchester Arena on December 22nd in the inaugural BT Sport Box Office fight.

Initially, the match-up was seen as two local heroes going head-to-head in a fight which did the talking itself.

However, in recent weeks there has been more talk from the combatants and Frampton has labelled his Leeds rival ‘arrogant’ following a series of incidents.

‘The Jackal’ believes Warrington has been attempting to put on a nice guy façade but inconsistencies are starting to show and Frampton has hit out at the champion for this.

Writing in his weekly column for the Sunday Life, Frampton stated his belief that “Josh Warrington is doing his best not to let the mask slip but his arrogance is starting to show as we get closer to our fight on December 22nd at the Manchester Arena.”

“We had a media day at Ricky Hatton’s gym and it was starting to show with his stupid videos on Twitter and his comments about me having seen better days.”

“I have been respectful to him from the start but right from our first press conference I have got this feeling that he is trying his best to hold back his natural arrogance and he’s finding it harder to keep it at bay.”

With the gloves coming off before they have even been put on, Frampton took aim at Warrington.

The 31-year-old described how “there’s all this talk about him being so tough with such a big engine like he’s the reincarnation of Jake LaMotta.”

“Give it a rest Josh, just wind your neck in because you’re setting yourself up for a big fall.”

“It’s funny, he’s all loud and brash except when I’m within earshot and then he whispers to the person who’s interviewing him – I don’t know where his head is at but I know I’m just focused on my job and peaking on December 22nd.”


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