Boxing Betting Tips for Beginners

Womens Pink Boxing Gloves by Jonathan Rolande, on Flickr

Womens Pink Boxing Gloves” (CC BY 2.0) by Jonathan Rolande

Boxing is a sport that is hugely popular among the betting community and there are many articles on here that offer in depth advice. But what if you are just starting out and are looking for some basic tips on getting involved?

Here are the options that you need to consider.

Find a Bookmaker

This is the first, and by far the most important step in the process. We need to find a bookmaker who takes boxing very seriously. What the punter is looking for is a mix of choice and value with the choice element coming via a wide selection of boxing betting markets.

Value is provided via competitive odds in all of those markets. You can carry out research into this yourself or, there are sites who can do all of the work for you. is a good example of a central portal that offers a vast list of potential sportsbooks for you to use.

All of the bookmakers listed have been assessed with a view to finding the best options for boxing and for sport as a whole. Key factors that have been considered include those combined elements of choice and value.

Other benefits will include the option to bet on mobile, high levels of security, a choice of funding methods and efficient customer service.

Each of the sportsbooks listed on the website are open to accept new customers and many will have welcome promotions in place. also have sportsbooks listed who will offer ongoing promotions throughout the life of the account.

Choosing a bookmaker is the first step and this is a site that assesses the best options.

Pick Your Market

If you’re just starting out on your boxing betting journey, the simplest option is to focus on the fight winner market. It may not be easy to pick the winning boxer but this is the most straightforward option.

What we are looking for here is the boxer who we think will win the bout. There will be odds published for each of the two opponents while a third betting market will be available in case of a draw. Draws have traditionally been rare in the sport but we are seeing some infamous drawn battles with Fury v Wilder being one of the most notorious. For full details of this thrilling encounter, check out

Once you’ve gained some experience, there are many other markets to consider. Another simple equation asks punters to speculate on whether or not the fight will go the distance. In this case, we have just two options – yes or no.

Method of Victory betting is a little more involved and there are a number of different options to consider this time. Will the fight be decided by a knockout, a disqualification or a decision? Those are the options that will need to be assessed.

As time goes on and you start to feel more confident in your decision making, there are other types of boxing betting to move onto. Many like to stake in the live markets which start as soon as the first bell sounds.

Live betting really tests your skill as a boxing analysis. By understanding how the fight is developing, you should stand a better chance in a complex and fast-moving market.

Do the Research

Speaking of analysis, no bettor can expect to turn the odds in their favour without carrying out the necessary research. Form, and the overall record of the two boxers are among the details that should be looked into. If there are any head-to-head stats from the two men or women that are facing off, those should also be considered.

There are many independent websites where this information can be sourced. Alternatively, look to check out websites of individual governing bodies such as

Take Advantages of Promotions

Boxing betting websites should be offering competitive odds but there are ways in which to get a little extra value. Many operators will publish promotions which add an incentive to your betting strategy.

These offers can take many forms: There may be free bets, enhanced odds or bonus matches on deposited funds. Whatever they may be, these promos are worth checking out if you are just starting out on your boxing betting journey


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