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Betting on boxing: features you need to know

Boxing is a sport that is very popular. Boxing can be found everywhere: in movies, commercials and even online casinos with free spins for existing players UK. This is due to the fact that the rules of the game are simple, and the competition itself is incredibly rich in emotions. Each bookmaker offers to make profitable bets on boxing. The main thing is to understand their features in order to get a good chance of winning.

Features of betting on boxing

Boxing has long been known to mankind, as there has always been a need to protect your home and defend yourself. But in order to keep fit in peacetime, as well as to demonstrate their victory, boxing has moved from an ordinary fight to a full-fledged sport. So he almost immediately began to gather a huge number of people to follow the results of the competition.

Boxing is a dangerous sport, so athletes receive good fees. Since the sport itself is full of money, it is profitable to bet on it. The names of boxers and their upcoming fights are always in the news.

Boxing is classified into professional and amateur. In terms of betting, special attention should be paid to the professional type. All bookmakers offer profitable bets on this type of boxing.

Types of bets on boxing

To get a good win on sports betting, you should carefully study the possible options:

  • outcome;
  • round totals;
  • method of ending the fight;
  • parlay.

In any competition, there is always a winner and a loser. In boxing, it is much easier to determine it because you always play a duel strategy. In sports betting, you can get a good win if you determine who will win a certain competition. But when betting, keep in mind that there may be a draw. Although this probability is minimal, since the judges keep score on points throughout the fight. And if the boxers were able to withstand all 12 rounds, the one who earned the most points wins.

Since there are as many as 12 rounds, there are many opportunities for betting. You can try to determine after how many rounds the fight will end.

To do this, you should carefully read what conditions the bookmaker offers. If there are big fights for the titles, additional bonuses may be provided. Here you can bet on the end of each particular round, as well as on which round the fight will end. But some bookmakers may offer additional selections, for example, in which round the knockdown will take place.

To make watching boxing even more interesting, get together with your friends and try to determine who will be the best.

Betting on the end of the fight

Before placing a bet, you need to decide who will win this fight. There are three options – the first player, the second player or a draw. Remember, if there is a clear favorite in the fight, the odds on his victory will not be too high. Given that there are practically no invincibles in the modern boxing arena, it is even more interesting to bet. But for this you will have to analyze a lot of information to increase the probability of victory.

Duration of the fight

Betting on the duration of the fight is a popular option for bettors. Most fights end before the time runs out. For example, one of the players knocks out the opponent. Given these features of boxing tournaments, bookmakers offer to bet on a certain round of the end of the fight. Or choose a range, for example, between 3 and 5 rounds.

The coefficient in this case depends on who meets in the ring. If one of the athletes is a clear favorite and the other is a newcomer, then the odds on the victory of the first will be too low. But betting on the obvious leader is not always optimal only for this reason. Sometimes beginners, focusing solely on the popularity of a certain athlete, bet on him without thinking about the details of the tournament – the age of the boxer, the venue of the fight and other details have a great influence on the result. Provided that the favorite is much older than the outsider, there is a high probability that physiology will become more important.

If it took one athlete a long time to fly, this factor is also important, as acclimatization and jet lag often have a negative impact on well-being. Of course, the support of fans also plays an important role. Not everyone is ready to cross borders to support their favorite athlete. And emotional support always has a positive effect on the behavior of the athlete in the ring.

How the battle will end

In addition to the standard options for the end of the fight, there are also possible

  • knockout – the boxer will miss a series of punches and will be laid on his shoulder blades, but he will be able to get up, and therefore continue the fight until the referee counts to ten;
  • technical knockout – a boxer refuses to continue the fight in advance if he realizes that the opponent is much stronger;
  • disqualification – the fight is stopped because the referee removes one of the players due to violation of the rules;
  • by points scored – the fight can end with equal strength of the opponent, and the winner will be determined by the judges on points.

To better understand such nuances, read as much as possible about boxing, learn the terminology and listen to commentators whose professionalism you do not doubt.

Popular boxing betting strategies

If a player is just starting to bet on sports, he usually looks for win-win strategies at once. But, of course, they do not exist, because all players would use them, and therefore, everyone would get excellent winnings on bets. But a well-chosen strategy will significantly increase the possibility of winning. Just imagine what a great workout it is for the mind.

Remember that you need to play deliberately. Also keep in mind that you will not always get a good profit on this. There will still be misfires, even with professionals it happens. Some players include mathematical abilities. Someone focuses solely on the internal decision. And professionals suggest paying attention to the following game options:

  • against the leader;
  • on totals.

The strategy of playing against the favorites is to bet on the outsider. Experienced players believe that this tactic is worth using for events where the coefficient on the outsider is slightly more than three. Of course, bookmakers give preference to the favorites. But they do not ignore a less weak player.

To prove yourself in betting on totals, that is, on the duration of the fight, you need to carefully read the statistics. Pay attention to which fights the athlete shows himself best, evaluate his weaknesses.

Event analysis for boxing betting

Before placing a bet on a boxer, analyze the following characteristics:

  • weight category;
  • fight strategy;
  • fight forecast.

The weight of a boxer plays an important role because it affects the lightness, maneuverability and endurance. All athletes are divided into certain categories by weight. And in the fight there are representatives of only one category.

The spectacle of a boxing match is also affected by the strategy of the fight. Some athletes prefer to go on the offensive, inflicting blow after blow, which means to defeat the enemy by force. After all, not everyone will be able to actively repel blows, while maintaining enough energy to apply their decisive response.

If an athlete constantly takes a position to just defend against blows, then he can last until the end of the tournament. And maybe even win on points. But, as a rule, such fights rarely end in a draw or victory of a passive boxer.


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