Best Online Casino Offers for Boxing Fans

It almost seems like a lifetime ago since Floyd Mayweather took it up with Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Just like Mayweather always does, he had a lot of money invested in a bet he placed on himself. 

If you are like this world-renowned boxer that loves this sport but also like gambling, there are a lot of online casino offers that are available. Most of these casino offers can help you win considerable amounts of cash because of their good odds to gamblers. 

Here are the best offers online casinos have to offer to the boxing fans.


Rocky Online Casino Game

Rocky is an online casino slot available at gambling sites in Ireland and all over the world. It is inspired by the movie that stars Sylvester Stallone as a boxer trying to make a name for himself. Therefore, that is why a lot of boxing fans like gambling on this slot game. 

The slot has 25 pay line slots and 5 reels. Gamblers stand to win a lot of money that can reach up to 10,000x their initial bet. Boxing fanatics have great odds that favor them in this game because it has 95.02% RTP.

Mike Tyson Knockout Slot

Mike Tyson Knockout has 3D graphics that are immersive to the player and has 20 pay lines and 5 reels. If you ever thought about boxing the legendary Mike Tyson, this slot offers a close enough experience with big potential payout odds.

You can play this video slot at the most reputable long-standing casinos and also at a new one. The slot can multiply your initial bet by 500 times and it offers generous bonus rounds that can maximize the overall bankroll.

Fisticuffs Real Money Game

Fisticuffs can be played by gamblers to exponentially increase their winnings at a real money online casino. The game can also be played using a mobile device and has great visuals that portray boxing as it was in the early 1900s. It has 10 pay lines and 5 reels with fun-looking animations that are colorful.

Gamblers can use the bonus rounds and stacked wilds in Fisticuffs to leverage their winnings and get higher returns. If you are an old-school boxing fan, this slot will be desirable and enjoyable to play.

Pacquiao One Punch KO 

Pacquiao One Punch KO is one of the best gambling games that are available at online casinos. The game is a tribute to Floyd Mayweather’s rival Manny Pacquiao, who has played across 8 different weight divisions and won world titles in all of them.  

It visualizes the life of this legendary boxer highlighting mostly the wins he has faced on and off the ring. If Pacquiao is your role model or favorite boxer, this slot with 25 pay lines and generous bonus rounds will be a great experience for you.

Gloves of Glory

Gloves of Glory that is available on the best online gambling sites can excite boxing fans because it has the theme of a championship fight. The players need to go up against the champion to get this title and that will unlock an opportunity to get the bonus round.  

When playing this game, you stand a chance to multiply the prize 100 times. It has 5 reels and 15 pay lines with mobile device capability. In this game, you get to be the boxing champion you have always wanted to become. 

Boxing Arena

Boxing Arena depicts how it is in real-life Asia where fighters battle it out on the streets with beautiful ring girls counting down the rounds. It is one of the most authentic boxing games in Asia for the majority of the population and that is why it has grown in popularity in this region. 

You can play this 5-reel game with 100 pay lines at casinos, allowing online gambling for real money. The game offers some real action for gamblers that love the thrill of boxing fights.

Ultimate Fighters

Ultimate Fighters is not essentially a boxing-themed game but it has some real close-quarter combat action similar to the one you might see in the ring. You have to battle it out with ninjas and play rock, paper, scissors to strike. 

The game offers great bonuses and an opportunity to multiply the initial by 1000 times. Gamblers can maximize their winnings by this game with 9 reels and 8 pay lines. It is available to play at the best online gambling sites with real money.

Boxing Pro Slot

Boxing Pro is an online slot available at most real money casino sites that has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. It has instant play features and loaded with free spins and generous bonuses that can leverage your bankroll. 

The game has 3D visuals that are very immersive and bring a modern experience to gamblers. You will encounter a variety of boxers trying to get the same title you are fighting for. Gamblers can also take advantage of the autoplay feature this slot has.

Heavyweight Gold

Heavyweight Gold has the experience of casino boxing events with a lot of bonus rounds that are themed differently. For example, there is a ring girl free spin, expanding wild boxing gloves and other themed prizes to win. You have to knock out the real heavyweight champions to win great prizes in this game.

There are 20 pay lines and 5 reels in Heavyweight Gold. The ultimate prize is multiplying the initial bet by 1000 times incredibly impacting your bankroll positively. You can play this game on both desktop and mobile devices, all thanks to its versatile design.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble is one of the most classic boxing casino games with a high RTP of 96.14%. The maximum payout of this game is almost 3000 times in value and has a lot of bonuses such as the rumble and sticky spins, not forgetting wild stacks. 

You can take advantage of this very immersive game based on the Michael Buffer’s trademark he used to call out before a boxing game. If you used to watch matches with this boxing announcer, this game would bring back some nostalgic feelings.

The bottom line

Boxing fans can take advantage of these top games for gamblers that are available online to be played at the best gambling sites. The games have different types of themes; some are closely related to boxing in Asia and some date back to the early 1900s. Some of these online casino games are not directly tied to boxing but they offer the fans of this sport the fighting action they need.


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