Best boxing betting tips and sites in Ireland

Do you want to place bets on boxing fights with the best bookmaker? You’ll find all the information you need in this article. We have researched the online boxing betting industry in detail, comparing and contrasting odds, promotions, in-play betting and coverage. 

Our team of sports betting experts found the best sites for boxing betting were 22Bet and 20Bet. In this article, you’ll find out the criteria we used that led us to this very decision, the main competitors and details on how you can bet on boxing with 22Bet and 20Bet.

Which are the best betting sites in Ireland?

Professional boxing is fast, furious and exciting so it’s no wonder the sport attracts the attention of online gamblers and the biggest sportsbooks. How does boxing betting work and what details or additional info should you be aware of? Most bookmakers offer weekly odds on boxing. Some cover only the big fighting events from London and Las Vegas, but 22Bet and 20Bet in Ireland give customers way more.

These sportsbooks have odds on small hall shows, undercard bouts, international fights and specials on the most significant bouts. More ways to bet means more ways to profit from your boxing bets and you’ll be bowled over by the coverage offered by the websites and mobile sites.

22Bet Ireland strengths

  • Competitive odds
  • Diversity of bets on boxing
  • Generous welcome bonus for new customers
  • In-play betting
  • Cash-out available on boxing bets
  • Get expert Irish boxing betting tips for tonight on the 22Bet Predictions blog
  • Homepage quicklinks makes it easier to find the best bets for boxing today
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Bet on singles, multiples and accumulators
  • Instant deposits and quick withdrawals using a debit card and e-wallets

Check the odds offered by 22Bet on a boxing match shown live on television, and you’ll see they rival the leading names in the industry. Any respected betting odds comparison site will show this sportsbook more than hold its own ground against the competition on the most popular market, fight winner betting. 

If you’re not home, but still want to keep up with boxing events, then the mobile version comes to the rescue. When betting on boxing using your smartphone or tablet device, you’ll never miss a chance to bet. An exciting gamble on this weekend’s fight is always at the touch of a button. Betting before the opening bell in a fight is the most popular option, and 22Bet has you covered here, but a growing number of boxing bettors are discovering the value of in-play gambling. 

20Bet Ireland strengths

  • Best odds on many boxing fights and markets
  • Fight winner and round betting
  • New players qualify for a welcome bonus free bet
  • In-fight betting odds are available
  • Cash-out more bets and markets
  • Quick links allow you to bet with a single click
  • Live chat support
  • Place accumulators on the biggest fights of the weekend
  • Deposit using your e-wallet or VISA and bet without delay

Watch the fight closely and look out for any clues. Is one fighter hurt or cut? Back the other to win by KO/TKO. Is it a cagey affair? Bet on the contest to go to points. You can do it all at 20Bet. Most of their pre-fight betting markets are live and available to bet on throughout the bout. Odds are updated to match the flow of the fight and any incidents, such as a knockdown. 

You’ll find in-play boxing betting on the homepage, the very best boxing betting sites. Just remember that everything requires a strategy, especially betting. Watch box matches and events all the time, gather some information, and try to find patterns. All of that will make your betting experience even more valuable.

When betting on boxing with these two bookies, you aren’t restricted to the fight winner market only. You can predict if the fight will go to points or not, over/under a total number of rounds, a fighter to be knocked down but get up and win, both fighters to be knocked down, and plenty more. 

Boxing betting tips

Now let’s look at how to bet on boxing fights online. Betting on boxing is unlike gambling on any other sport, as a fight can change direction in the blink of an eye. A losing boxer could become a winning one with a single punch. It throws up many big odds winners and upsets because it’s dangerous to write any fighter off. Boxing, perhaps more than any other sport, loves an upset and fights rarely follow the script or, indeed, the predictions of bookmakers.

It can be difficult to know which fighter to back or which market to have your stake on to increase your chances of landing a win. As it was mentioned before, you have to have a strategy in order to turn your passion into a profit. 22Bet’s blog, for example, utilises the view of a former professional boxer and online gambling expert Frankie Monkhouse, who happily shares his free betting tips. 

Do your research

The most important thing to remember when betting on boxing is the more research you do, the more chance you’ll have of beating the bookies. Don’t just look at the win, loss, draw. Go beyond that. Is a fighter on a run of knockouts? At what stage of the fight have they been stopping opponents – early, middle or late rounds?

Try a wager on the group betting. If both fighters have KO power, take the bout not to last the distance. If neither has obvious power, back the bout to go over 9.5 rounds. There are many ways to beat the bookies on boxing.

Get the best odds

Can’t choose where to bet on boxing? Every bet you place on boxing must be at the best available odds. Taking anything less is like handing the bookies the advantage. Usually, there isn’t too big a difference between the major betting apps, but that could influence your decision in a major way.

One might have a fighter at 1/2 and another at 4/9. Is it really worth bothering with? We think so, and if you add these margins together over the course of a year, they soon add up to a big difference. 

Follow the in-play

Keep pace with the fight live on television and follow the in-play betting. If you see any developments, such as a cut, tired-looking fighter or a knockout approaching, the pressure is now on you to act fast. Grab the best odds and place the best before the live betting traders notice and either suspend the market or cut the offer. 

A successful in-play bet isn’t just a winning one. It’s one placed at the right time to get the best odds. You are in a head-to-head battle with the bookies, pitting your boxing knowledge against theirs. You want the so to speak “Royal Flush” in terms of your winnings. 


The remarkable thing about boxing is it’s as well followed and supported today as it has ever been. Improvements in the medical care for fighters, an increase in prize money, the coverage of live television and a steady stream of kids joining amateur gyms, dreaming of becoming the next champion of the world means the noble art is as strong as any sport enjoyed in the 21st century.

The same development goes for boxing wagers, as more punters find out how to place a bet on boxing online and do it safely.

22Bet Ireland is the best bookmaker for boxing betting, rivalled only by the coverage offered by 20Bet Ireland. Both have better odds on the most popular fights and markets. They have an impressive range of live betting options, run promotions on boxing, including price boosts, cashback and enhanced odds. You can rely on these bookies to cater for all your boxing betting needs. Get signed up and bet on boxing tonight!


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