Benefits of Playing At 5G88

Although everyone is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, it remains to be seen if online gambling is flourishing from major lockdowns around the world. Being stuck at home, many were cut off from their regular outdoor activities, jobs and eventually many began to feel bored and started to look for a way to kill time. With online gambling services exploding in popularity, 5G88 is the best choice for online entertainment. With the latest online technology platforms and state-of-art infrastructure, 5G88 is the most reliable and trustworthy online betting company that can be accessed through both desktop or mobile at your fingertip. 

5G88 has optimized their website to provide the best mobile experience for smartphone users to play on any games such as online sportsbook, online boxing, online casinos, online slots and many other games. It is a website trusted by many gamblers because of the huge range of games provided as well as its safety measures when it comes to online transactions.

Let us go through the top features of 5G88

One of the main benefits of joining and playing at a trusted website like 5G88 is that you can play any boxing games and withdraw your winnings without having to worry that the company refuses to pay you what is rightfully yours. 

5G88 offers a wide range of online games from reputable gambling developers such as Maxbet, Playtech, SA Gaming, WM Gaming, Sexy Gaming, Asia Gaming, Evolution Gaming and many more, in order to provide the best gaming experience to their members. Let us take a look at their existing special features:

5G88 E-Wallet – Making Online Transactions with Peace of Mind 

Everyone will be alert when it comes to dealing with money, it is perfectly normal and 5G88 is definitely aware of that. That is why the E-Wallet is developed using the latest web encryption technology to provide a secure and safe way for gamblers to conduct their transactions. Although the technology to develop the E-Wallet is sophisticated, it is very simple for the end-users to learn how to use – only 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Easy Deposit

Gamblers can transfer the money from their bank account, debit card or even ATM machine to E-Wallet by simply uploading the proof of transaction and amounts to the website, which can be done within a minute. 

Step 2 – Easy Transfer

Once the money is credited to your E-Wallet, you can transfer to your favourite games within seconds by just stating the desired amount not exceeding what you have transferred. 

Step 3 – Easy Withdraw

Winning at boxing is fun but withdrawing your winning feels even better. You can just withdraw by stating the total amount on the website and make sure the bank account number is correct. 

VIP Program – Cash Rebate is the Best

Another unique feature of 5G88 is their VIP program. Gamblers will receive a ‘normal’ VIP rank upon signing up and enjoy VIP cash rebates on the go. Members will receive the cash rebate every Monday based on their deposits from the past week and the calculation is based on the rollover of their total bets. To put it simple, the more you bet, the more you get. 

There are a total of five VIP ranks and the rebates are increasing by each rank. You can get up to a maximum of 0.6% cash rebates on live casino and 1% for sportsbook every week for lifetime. 

As 5G88 provides an all-in-one platform which makes the company become one of the most popular online gambling websites in Thailand as it is the most trusted website in the market.


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