This Mexican dish might be hard for Frampton fans to stomach

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We much prefer the sound of Frampton Fries, the Barnes Burger, the Burnett Burrito and the Conlan Cake.

But one restaurant in Belfast has taken a different boxing approach when it comes to naming their dishes.

The newly opened Little Mexican Deli has began trading on the Falls Road in West Belfast and has a ‘Knockout Menu’ with boxing-themed meals named after the famous Mexican Fighters.

One meal that might not go down to well in more ways than one over the next few weeks is the Leo Santa Cruz.

There is nothing to wrong with a Mexican styled shredded chicken helping, but when it’s called after the rival of Ireland’s leading pro fighter locals may find it difficult to order.

Then again they might relish the chance to devour Leo Santa Cruz before Frampton gets the chance to do the same in the ring.

Another name/dish that might perk the interest of Belfast fight fans is the Erik Morales a Mexican that beat both John Lowey and Wayne McCullough.

Check out the boxing themed menu below:

Mexican food


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years