Beating his Sturm: Felix calls Macklin a coward

Sturm seems desperate for another Macklin bout

August 12 Jonny Stapleton

Felix Sturm has told Matthew Macklin to stop hiding behind “lies and excuses” and to agree to the rematch he initially demanded.

In a second Macklin attack in recent weeks the German, who retained his WBA middleweight title by defeating Macklin in very controversial circumstances last month, has labelled the Irish middleweight a coward.

Sturm believes the Birignham born former Tipperary underage hurler is hiding behind a list of excuses and tried to goad the former European and British champion by accusing him of dirty tactics in their July dual.

The long time champ pointed out a lucrative contract has been sent to Team Macklin and intimated fear rather than finance or any other reason is the main factor for the Birmingham star’s aversion to Sturm Macklin II.

“To be honest, I believe that he’s just making a lame excuse to get out of this fight. He doesn’t want a rematch. He’s looking for excuses. He is full of excuses. Only cowards act like this,” Sturm told

“If anything’s bothering him, he or his management could have contacted us. Our offer was much better than the one he signed before our first bout. I don’t think we had to offer him such good terms but we did so anyway. He told the whole world ‘Hey I want a rematch’ and ‘I was robbed’. He and his team wanted me to sign for a rematch at the post-fight presser. But I don’t need him, I don’t need this rematch. I beat him the first time around, it was close but I won. I strongly believe that they’re just giving cheap excuses because they don’t want this fight. He knows that he won’t have as much success with his dirty, head-forward tactics a second time. I’m so tired of those lame excuses, really.”

The German, who now seems intent on landing more verbal blows after the fight that real one landed during the pairs world title bout, labelled Macklin a coward who would not make a worthy world champion.

However, despite claiming he has come weary of excuses, stressing he has no reason to re face off with Lou DiBella promoted fighter and claiming he has three quality fighters eager to challenge him, Sturm reiterated he is still willing to negotiate a rematch.

Slanderous statements aside King Leonidas admitted Macklin is the most worthy contender.

“Matthew is the most deserving contender, especially after our great first fight. He wanted a rematch and begged time and time again, but now he is only telling lies and making excuses. That’s not how it should be done. I’m ready for the rematch, but he needs to act like a real fighter and not like a coward. There is no more time for excuses. His behaviour is sad and not worthy of a champion.”

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