Barrett: Fury and Rogan have to beat me to be Irelands best

August 15 Jonny Stapleton

Irish heavyweight champion Coleman Barrett has told Martin Rogan and Tyson Fury that they have to beat him before claiming to be the number one big man in Ireland.

Barrett claims to be growing tired of  the pairs recent verbal sparring session and has called for action.

Fury, who recently qualified for an Irish title shot after proving his Antrim heritage, has signalled domestic title intentions and said it would be a dream come true to buckle the Irish title around his waist.

The Hennessey Sports promoted star is set to fight in Belfast on September 17 and had hopped to fight 40 year old Rogan, but for the former Commonwealth champion to decline the offer.

Since then both camps have exchanged verbal blows while both staked a ‘peoples champions’ claim.

Now the man, who replaced Kevin McBride as domestic heavyweight king, has challenged both Fury and Iron Man to engage in less talk and more action and told both the only way to the Irish title is trough him.

A cousin of Irish Olympian Francie Barrett, Coleman Barrett also stressed both fighters are keen to avoid him.

“I have the Irish title. If Tyson Fury wants it he has to fight me. I am the Irish champion and there is no other way of getting the Irish title other than fighting me. I will fight him wherever he wants. He is the last fighter I would be worried about in this division. He brings a lot to the table but not as much as me,” Barrett told .

“Martin Rogan and Tyson Fury are both avoiding me. They are quick to claim they are the best heavyweights in Ireland but I am the champion. They have been talking about fighting each other because they don’t want to fight me. I am the champion if they are to be the best they have to beat me. I would get it on with either, ” he added before revealing he has no immediate fight plans.

“I am hoping to get out in the next two months or so. I don’t who or where as of yet, but I am training away and keeping fit and ready to defend the Irish title.”


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