Balls To The Wall – Martin fulfills pro ambition with thrilling debut

Martin Wall [1(1)-0] is now the ultimate keyboard warrior.

On the ‘Rise Again’ card in Tallaght on Saturday night, the Crumlin BC puncher became a vocal fan that has walked the walk.

Wall is known within boxing circles as a solid Crumlin amateur but in recent years has gained a reputation as one of those knowledgeable fans that says it as it is online.

Now having punched for pay, the 25-year-old welterweight has a foot in both camps a pro fighter and genuine fan.

“I have been a fan for years it’s a bit weird to actually experience that. Now I have both perspectives and if you thought I cut through bullshit before, I can do it more now,” he joked when speaking to post his win.

It would be remiss to suggest Wall was your everyday fan who just decided to lace up the gloves and step into the ring. He has a strong amateur background and a good in-ring history.

You’d also have to point to the fact that a lot of fighters are fans of the sport but, when discussing Wall’s debut, most had him labelled as a ‘super fan’ with talent rather than a ‘former amateur’ of note. In that regard, there were a few living the dream through the now unbeaten pro.

“I can say I have done it. I plan on having many more fights but, even if I didn’t have another, I can always say I have done it. There is a sense of achievement there and I am delighted I can say I am boxer, a pro one, now.”

In the ring Wall certainly looked more fighter than fan and it was that fighters’ spirit which was the catalyst behind his stoppage win over Zoltan Lepsenyi.

The 21-year-old Hungarian journeyman seemed to be playing his part in the first round but, when he began to swing big in the second, the macho part of Wall took over and he ditched the game plan.

There was a chorus of ‘Ohhhhs’ and ‘Ahhhhs’ from ringside as the Dubliner traded heavy shots with the visitor, eventually getting on top and overwhelming Lepsenyi and forcing David Irving to step in and stop the fight.

Wall recalled afterwards how “on the second round he put the pressure on a bit but I could feel he hadn’t a lot in it.”

“You could see by looking at him, there wasn’t a tank in there. I knew he would blow.”

“I had just avoided one big right hand and he caught me with a left to the body and, to be honest, when that landed, I said ‘that’s it, you’re fucked now’.”

“I wanted four rounds and was ready for four but, when he landed that shot, the fight in me took over. I caught him with a few lazy jabs, range finders, and I knew he was ready to go so I put it on him. I haven’t that massive a dig but I’ll break you down.”

“Again, I wanted four rounds, but it’s harder than you think to go back to the basics, it could be a boxer thing or a man thing, but you want a scrap.”

Wall hasn’t entered the pros looking to win world titles and make millions. Indeed he states that his goal is an Irish professional belt to match his multiple Irish amateur titles. So in that regard there he doesn’t see the need for a slow build and wants just to get involved in good fights as soon as he can.

“There are still things to work on for the next fight. I am in New York next month so Celtic Clash 7 won’t be a possibility, it might be after Christmas before I am out again. If there is a show we can get on before that would be lovely.”

“I’m not looking to slowcoach things. I would love to blitz to 10 fights. I am not here to change my life, I just love the game and I want to be part of it.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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